My cousin met a man through a family friend and fell in love with him. During that time he never mentioned anything about children or baby mama dramas. She recently married him and is in the process of filing her I-130 form but just found out he has 4 children he never told her about. He claims he didn't know anything about those children until recently. He's living in Haiti currently and the children are with 3 different females. His brother called her yesterday and told her she must mention the kids on the I130 form even if she does not intend on sponsoring them here. Is that so? I told her I would find out for her. She's already told him she will not bring his children here and does not see why they should be mentioned on the application at all. She has not filed the form yet as a result and is waiting for find out if she really have to mention them at all as she does not want to take responsibility for his children and he never told her about any of them.