The New York Times reports USCIS had, as of last week, issued just 29 approvals after receiving 100,000 DACA applications. No reason has been given for the slow pace of the early approvals, but the agency noted that about 63,000 applications are in "the last stages of review," though they did not explain exactly what that term means. The full article can be seen here. The article also highlights some of the other main selling points for the DACA program - specifically how it will help many of those who qualify for it attain assistance in paying for the ever-increasing costs of higher education. In addition, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will allow DACA beneficiaries to seek drivers' licenses. Despite all those benefits, USCIS must act quickly to begin approving these applications at a faster pace before young people start losing faith in it. What can the government do to speed up the applications?

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