(CBS News) PHOENIX - Following the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's controversial immigration law, Arizona police can still ask residents about their immigration status when they are pulled over or arrested. But they have to turn it over to federal authorities from there. Arizonans are still finding out what that means for them.

Mario Chihuahua was pulled over last December by an Arizona sheriff's deputy for making an illegal turn.

"He asked me, 'Where you was born?'" Chihuahua recalled. "Well, you know, you don't have the right to ask me that question."

When the deputy asked him for identification, he didn't have any because he's an illegal immigrant. The 36-year-old came from Mexico 12 years ago. Chihuaha was jailed for 3 days while his case was referred to federal immigration authorities. Now his family, including 13-year-old Abril, faces deportation.