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Seriously; Does anyone ever get denied???

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  • Seriously; Does anyone ever get denied???

    I read about all these scamsters like Aguila and Sammy and the rest beating the system but people keep asking if they should be worried about their case. I have been on this board for 4 years and NO ONE has ever been denied LPR. Does anyone know of anyone that has ever been denied???? I think USCIS is scamming us by pretending they will deny people but they never do.

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    I read about all these scamsters like Aguila and Sammy and the rest beating the system but people keep asking if they should be worried about their case. I have been on this board for 4 years and NO ONE has ever been denied LPR. Does anyone know of anyone that has ever been denied???? I think USCIS is scamming us by pretending they will deny people but they never do.


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      my ex, according to uscis, was denied and per them it was because i withdrew my petition for him ... i've posted many times he's not current on child support, been convicted of MisC for attempted phone harassment (on me), photographs/videos me and my USC boyfriend while dropping off my child for visits .... also according to uscis, he is working on a revoked Visa based on my withdrawl ......
      THEYJUSTNEEDTOSENDTHEFL!PPLINGLETTERTOGETHIMOUT and even then i'm told from others that's another project.
      so, yeh, guess they can be denied, just a matter of getting them to leave!!!


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        I guess you have never checked immigration statistics.
        Here is some info from USCIS site.
        Fiscal year of 2004

        Total removals : 197,792
        Criminal removals: 86,620
        Non-criminal removals: 111,172
        Deportable : 47,842
        Inadmissible: 149,950


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          Only in september 2004 DHS removed 12,888 aliens from the United States 5807 of this aliens were criminals.


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            200,000 out of 50 million annual immigrants (mostly illegal) not too good


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              Aplication for immigrant benefits ( fiscal year of 2004)

              approved : 5,675,290
              denied: 767,887

              Only in september 2004 59,126 aliens were denied permanent residency.


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                Whats your problem Michael?

                Why dont you become a minuteman? Maybe you will be happier then.Start a part time project in New york to stop immigrants coming to NY.

                You will get fellow rednecks to join you.


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                  Thanks for the stats, but I have to say that I agree with Michael on this one. My ex is still here, living and working while out of status. I notified USCIS in July and August and it is now October and it doesn't appear that they have done anything. Of course they did say they would request his file.

                  I don't have a problem with immigrants, if I did I wouldn't have married a man from Egypt. I was very optimistic about my future with this man and wanted him to have opportunities to make a better life for himself. Let me say before someone accuses me of being bitter that his staying here illegally has nothing to do with me being bitter. If USCIS isn't going to deport people then they should change their laws to say once you get here, no matter how you do that you can stay forever. It doesn't matter if you lie, cheat, beat your wife, don't pay child support, or break other laws, you will never be deported. If that was in writing or even if it wasn't and the immigration laws said nothing other than how to get here, I wouldn't be angry or confused.

                  Michael, like myself and so many others got screwed and he/we have a right to be mad.
                  Not only does America have freedom of speech also have freedom of expression.


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                    Thank you bigsmarty !!

                    A modest proposal that will cost the government nothing and save billions of dollars. A NEW LAW: "A US Native born citizen has the right/duty to exterminate by fatal force any alien that has committed marriage fraud applying a reasonable person standard."



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                      "Marasmus Member Posted October 08, 2005 05:06 PM You will get fellow rednecks to join you.""

                      ... and those of us who aren't

                      funny thing, rednecks are found in australia, too!
                      bigD, u rock ... but u already knew that


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                        I like that new law!

                        My ex is Egyptian and he had the nerve to make fun of Mexicans who come into his place of employment, saying that couldn't speak English. I really don't consider myself to be a bad person, in fact up until recently I had never wished bad things on anyone, but I wish with all my heart that bad things happen to my ex.

                        I also wish that bad things happen to anyone who lies about loving someone regardless of where that person comes from.

                        Marriage is a commitment that should not be taken lightly. Many of you say mean things to Michael and while I don't agree with his trips to Russia to look for a wife I can understand his anger and desire to use someone like he was used. I'm not saying it is right, but when you have been used and hurt so badly, it is very difficult to trust again.

                        Thanks Newbam, we are going to have to get together and start that support group we discussed.


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                          A Michael FAN CLUB???

                          with groupies yet

                          Well there you have it. Lots of people get denied...but thats not the issue here for big dummmies. You guys want to see them put on the plane/boad and removed from the USA to feel better. Well Guess what. get over it ..cuz it
                          aint happening. MOVE ON MOVE ON. find another forum/support group to entertain yourselves on this issue to get on within your lives.

                          Do you not think the immigrant does not have the right or chance to go before an Immi Judge if he is put in removal proceeding? You think just becuase you pulled the papers and the status got terminated that they should just go do roundup/cattle call and send them home? Just because you said so... WHO ARE YOU! Now who is a big dummy to believe this?

                          You have withdrawn the papers. You will never hear from USCIS on anything further in this matter, because it is no longer any of your business whether you were divorced or not. You need to let it go. The I-864 will be terminated. I read where you said your husband on your wedding night couldnt be found for most of the night and several other instances of same behavior immediately after the marriage/honeymoon. Hellooooooooo... You should have cut it off from the beginning and filed an annulment for marriage fraud. Instead you filed for divorce and it was granted. Dont cry over spilled milk. Be happy that more is not being done to you by still being in the marriage.

                          Now take Michaels advice to stop obsessing over this as it will destroy you as it did him.
                          (Did I say take Michaels advice )

                          Oh and..... There will not be any last laughs/grins on your part for him. So dont take this time to be smug or savor any type of revenge. like I said, many will be denied and status terminated. But they not going back home. 9 out of 10 are smart enough to get married again. and they will. They then adjust status thru the new spouse, and of course they will have new financial sponsers when they file the new paperwork.

                          So Move on. Seek a new mate. I dont recommend you even dating anyone without already a greencard/ us citizenship until you get those rose couloured glasses tinted with reality.

                          StillBaby.. If I find out you have any part in this fan club... we are finished


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                            Just because you help someone to live in the USA, thats not a bad thing, on its own!

                            Michael, bigdummy and all the other cry babies just move on! You did not complain when you were each having your nut correct?

                            When you had your legs wide open feeling sweetness and crying with sweetness (for bigdummy) and Michael when you were there naked pumping your wife in and out, you did not complain, correct?

                            But now that each of your love turned sour, you want to throw all stones at the hapless ex lovers/ex spouses, and the most potent ammunition you can find that makes you look the most credible is to cry that you were married because you were USC.

                            Well, were the marriages and s#ex consensual or forced? Are you saying you did not have the wisdom to know true love from infatuation? If thats yes, then dont blame your spouse for being dummies.

                            What about all the other USC marriages that break apart?

                            Dont think that everyone is stupid to just believe that you got dumped because you were USC.

                            You as couples must not have been a match and you expected the marriage to work just because of your mentality that you had some power over these ex spouses just because you were USC. You thought that marrying a foreigner gives you power of them because they did not have papers.

                            Cry babies need to shut the f*ck up and stop wasting our time on here.


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                              the support group bigD is talking about has nothing to do with mike ...


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