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  • I been sleeping Pasha!
    Sweet Madame Belu


    • Good morning E ,

      I still laugh my **** off ! ... I had more Devushki in my life than you mentioned here but I never really thought for marriage ...forget about having kids .......Brother take over Pushkin too.....but lets take a look and think its all for real ....

      In that case Topic of this thread " Great Passion for GC" answers your question ... Marry USC ... Get GC .... and then wish u all the best with life whatever you want to get out of it .... U r the best judge in this situation as you know everything about you and others ....


      • hey jo...

        i guess our time for being online is not same ... sorry....will catch ya later somehow ...


        • I think this E guy is stoned.


          • Hey, Pash

            How many times do I have to repeat IT IS ALL FOR REAL???
            What part of "REAL" you don't understand?

            And what does Pushkin has to do with me?
            Miserable Pushkin was a naive poet and I am a Magic Realist.
            Don't you see the difference?

            As to my plans: my boss is going to talk to me today,at lunch.
            Let's see... If these guys give me the green light I might need a good lawyer for the whole process (LC, I-140 and I-485). Do you know any in Washington, DC area?
            [They have company attorney, but I would prefer to use my own.]

            There are at least 200,000 attorneys in this town, but who knows which one is good or bad?
            Can anyone reccomend one?

            Also, do you have any info on how O-1-->LC--->I-140/485 processed as opposed to regular H-1/L-1/etc.---> LC---> I-140?

            I mean does O-1 visa make the process(LC-I-140/485-GC) easier or more complicated?

            Any advice?

            Take care,



            • Hi E ,

              Sorry buddy ... I just cant believe it ..... no matter 1000 times you scream about it .... Sorry about that....

              Pushkin might have to do a lot with ya ....

              He used to write poems and you do the same thing on this board

              He was ******* ... oops I meant crazy for gals ...and hehehe

              Sorry I don't have any info on O 1 visa ....though I will try to find for you and if I get something will let you know... I don't know any lawyer either in Washington, DC area ... never been there nor dealt with any lawyer so far .... But you might want to find a lawyer from this site or or just make a new post and see if there are any recommendations from board members ...

              Have a great day... Pasha


              • Hey Pasha..Well Still Learning wants me to handle E.. but I dont have time...because...

                ... I have Been Busy! Even more busy than E.
                I been out test driving models trying to get me a green car.

                Which one should I choose????? help me its urgent..

                Old model I have cannot keep up with my capricious buddy...oops I mean Chevy Caprice. Maybe its time for a trade.. I had that one for 2yrs.. time to move up to 10yr green car for more solid investment.

                There are 10 choices:

                There are 3 German ones.. The VW and shes nice but I like the Porsche Cayeene. Oh Shes Hot! But the Mercedes M430 is really classy and probably best choice of the three.

                There are 3 Asian Hotties and they are from the same Parents but different mothers. The good looking KIA.. seems to do whatever you want it to and her sister the Hyundi "Santa Fe". yea she is actually Ameriasian as half of her was made here. These two models will not cost me a lot out of pocket. But I am really in love with a Supermodel. Her name is Lexus. It's been very hard to control myself. Runway!

                There is one native american one.. the Jeep Grand Cherookee. Sets my soul on fire.. I call her Poke a hontas

                There are 3 USC.. the Ford Expedition. she is durable with sleek good looks and handling. but I am not sure. She drinks a lot.. but not half as much as the other USC.. the Lincoln Navigator. She also eats too much.. She is as big as a house! I guess the better choice may be the Cadilac escalade.. Oh she is beautiful and luxurious. And oh baby, She gives me such a ride.

                I was looking for a British one but couldnt find the jaguar.. well her quarters were quite frankly just too uptight for me anyway. Oh well.

                So please help me out here folks...because my Voucher is about to expire, and without a SUV i will lose status in my community.


                • 4now:

                  Pick the one with "4 on the Floor"! Better handling in the curves, much more responsive, good control during acceleration and "peak" performance. Vroom!


                  • Hey Swiss

                    Hmm. 4 on the floor sounds Very Kinky & good.. But I think only available in Saudi Arabia

                    But anyway.. how are you. so good to see u. Hope you will come out soon and update us. Hope your life is going well!!


                    • No, no 4now...
                      forget about kicking the tyres, you've got to jump in and take her for a test drive. And sure, they have those models here too!


                      • Ya'll aren't into five speeds?? What about the highway??


                        • No Still, not for this type of performance. 4 is best, 5 speed is "over-drive" and with the right equipment and handler you don't want it to be "over"!!


                          • Wait, are we talkin' about cars?? Is that what E was talkin' about??

                            I can't believe this thread has outviewed the rock em thread!


                            • Hmmmm

                              Our six-pax hot-dog man talking about Jaguars here???

                              Man, you better get into what you were born for: Look into "Joe Six-Pax Motors Turbo Beer" model with "Y M I L-000-W IQ" Engine (too complicated brand name, but you get the picture)

                              I heard it's a Concept TRUCK for interstate cargo transportations: they had a test drive somewhere in the middle of Arizona,and they had to distribute 10.000 free hot-dogs and 60.000 Budweisers to get some populace to watch the show there

                              And don't even dream about Rolls Roys: it will badly hurt your conscience/self-esteem

                              Traditions and loyalty to specific brands are sacred:
                              Always aim for what you were born for, and you will be OK


                              • British quarters are too tight? hmmm never heard that before.


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