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    Come on 4wow, elephants never forget.

    ::throws peanuts::
    Sweet Madame Belu


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      Lol Jo

      .. oops sorry I mean


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        Ugh! Smilies! Everytime I see one, my hair catches on fire!
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          4WOW, what's goin' on? Good to see that you've been handling things

          By the way, you make quite the investigator, lol


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              Goodbye cruel world.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Latest update:

                Today I have learned from Ugandan girl that her uncle, Mr. Magadiku Ugadaka, is the cousin of the The Minister of Water, Lands and Environment Col. Kahinda Otafiire.
                She says I would be like 'kibwana' to Mr.Magadiku Ugadaka and there is a good chance I could get a job in Ministry of Water,Lands and Environment controlling the population of mountain gorillas.

                I think may be after all adventurous wildlife isn't all that bad?

                But then I think what if political situation there gets unstable and Colonel Otafiire gets eaten for breakfast by his fellow Colonels?
                Then what?

                Russian woman is already filing her paperwork
                (I think LC),she already spoke to Immigration Attorney. Attorney said with her credentials in Networking getting a GC will be like a cake walk.But she has no intention to lose those 25 lbs. And, man , oh man, it's all on her belly and little below...

                Polish lady has failed her TOEFL, didn't get enough score to be admitted at Southeastern U, so she is back to Inlingua to continue her English Language studies.

                USC lady just got promotion as Assistant Project Coordinator for Intervention Research and HIV Support Center, but now she says I have to do dishes all the time and write a menu every day so she can chose what she wants to eat next day. Also says she will throw me out of the window as soon as I dosobey her.

                Hm...So, what should I do?
                Any advices?



                Among the main attractions of Uganda are ethnic culture, watersports, mountain gorillas, Kabalega Falls, historic attractions, lush mountain scenery, Lake Victoria and game reserves.
                Uganda will appeal to adventurous travelers who are interested in wildlife and lush African scenery. When peaceful conditions prevail, the highlight of any trip to Uganda is a chance to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Don't go to Uganda expecting to find deluxe accommodations or to have things go according to schedule. Check on the political situation before starting out -- there is the chance of unrest in Kampala, the capital, and elsewhere.


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                  How far off the ground is USC's home? 2nd story, 10th story or what?


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                    "I have to do dishes all the time and write a menu every day so she can chose what she wants to eat next day. Also says she will throw me out of the window as soon as I dosobey her."

                    OH DEAR!!!

                    E. that USC food obsession will soon be packing on 25 pounds like the Russian woman

                    Hmmm....And I cant imagine any one wanting to throw You out the window


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                      If your post is a real situation... you should go back to where you came from... you are a shame!!!

                      Just by the way you express yourself and your ideas show you are not such a good person to deserve what you are looking for.

                      If your post is just a joke, then... well... PATHETIC!!!


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                        I am exceedingly glad that reading my post makes you boil like anti-freeze boils and vaporizes at 350F degrees
                        Also, I couldn't care less what you think of me
                        Obviously this post is not a joke!
                        Why would anyone make a joke like this??

                        In fact I am going to decide my marriage in the near future: I just need little more time to coolly calculate which one of the options I have is the best/most advantegeous for me.

                        I know I should consult with my capricious buddy under my belly, to make sure we both agree on our decision.
                        But the thing is my "buddy" likes Ugandan girl most of all, and here we disagree a bit.
                        I guess I like GC more than prospect of controlling gorilla population in Africa, besides Uganda is too dangerous for me anyway, and therefore I won't let my "buddy" or you to upset my rational plans.

                        So, perhaps,I must chose between remaining three brides.
                        And I ask board to tell me which one of the remaining three looks like the better deal.

                        Your comments about what YOU think about me are of no consequence to me and thus, my goodwilled suggestion to you is: save your time and energy for more productive deeds



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                          So, who should I pick for GC?


                          • #88
                            Pick your nose for the Green Card, instead of your butt.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              EINSTEIN said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

                              Keep it up, Jo


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                                I got a good idea for you .... Well you should write a poem for each potential candidate and see their reaction ..... and decide whom you should marry ...

                                I guess you have decided to break record of that post by NINA for maximum viewer... ...take care


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