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Rated "F" for FUN. Warning: Under 18 or Retarded Minds: DON'T READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey,
    A+ student, 4now:

    There is certain limit to any kind of knowledge human Mind can aqcuire, and once you reach it everything is just too familiar, no matter what it is.

    I guess you have long way to go before you realize what I stated above means.

    Entice I will not, but Teach I can.

    Wanna sign up for my Mental Force classes?

    In case if you do I have one condition.
    Please first answer my simplest Immigration 101 question as I need it to solve my case:

    What is the difference in LC processing for O-1 and H-1/F-1 status holders?
    What is preffered venue: PERM, that will be published in Fed. Reg. soon or regular processing?

    Highest of my classes is Mental Force-980

    I think we should start with you from TSS-100 (Thinking as Second Tool)




      • What... No enticement?? No incentives.,. not even a T w i n k ie

        Well you are the one who needs this info not me.. "I could teach you , but I have to charge"

        E.[Quote] "I think we should start with you from TSS-100 (Thinking as Second Tool)"

        Duh that would be TST-100... and I think you should enroll your capricious buddy in that course first.. wouldnt you agree


        • 4wow! Why you insult me? I may act like bimbo, but here is fact:

          You FORCE me to divulge that I was 4.0 in college, taking six classes at once and working 40 plus hours a week. Have super genius I.Q., Queen of Mensa. Einstein would worship me if he were alive!

          If I could do it all over again, I would be a forensic anthropolgist, hopefully working for NecroSearch, International.

          I didn't want anyone to know this!
          Sweet Madame Belu


          • hehehehehehehe

            Sometimes I just want to come up and say "it's all cool, 4now! "
            But I know what a treacherous student you are: once I say so you will get back to your old ranting again

            So, I just hope (very hopeless hope, BTW, but why else would it be called "HOPE"?) that one day you get little smarter and see things for what they are

            Anyway, feel free to share your 'insights'

            And since your conditions are so severe, I guess you deserve one of my Pro Bono classes.

            Take care,


            • Sorry JO... I didnt mean to ..But now everybody knows...

              The Devil made me do it "???"

              Jo you werent involved with Necrophilia were you? Oh no. sorry that was Micahel

              Yikes.. I think I hear KJV coming.. Cover your ears


              Ok Lets say that .. Its all cool 4now..Since It seems that we are ALL SCHOLARS here after all


              • To SOME members of this Board:

                I am Extra proud of being an Extraordinary
                It is just Great that I possess what you never will: Superior Intelligence and Creativity

                I know how it feels when you are in my presence: but don't blame ME, blame your Mother Nature

                Anyway, I must get going, July is close, vacation comes up.

                I will check on PERM updates when I come back.

                Good luck to the rest,



                • I hope those extraordinary qualities will make up for being a short kumba... some day


                  • "I am Extra proud of being an Extraordinary
                    O-1" You are EXTRAORDINARILY S T U P I D [sorry for this one but you have used derrogatory words to offend others whom I respect a lot and are helpful to this board, unlike you].

                    Don't you have anything better to do? It is obvious to me and to everybody else here that the only thing you are is sick atenttion-seeker.

                    "It is just Great that I possess what you never will: Superior Intelligence and Creativity"

                    Why do you need constant re-validation? What has caused your trauma of feeling inferior that you have you have to come to an immigration board to publish over and over how great you are...

                    "Anyway, I must get going, July is close, vacation comes up." Why don't you stay wherever you're going?


                    • Aquila, I am little bit surprised by your rage.
                      If you took some time and followed all posts it would be clear to you who is actually revalidating what...

                      Anyway, out of old respect to you I will keep silence and hope next time you be little more considerate to those who respect you.

                      Take care,


                      P.S. Vacation is in July, and I may very well spend it on the Shore, just not too far from where I am now.
                      In any case, take care, Brother!


                      • Look at you all happy and grit. patting yourself on the back.. What .. your Mom dont do this 4u ??

                        Superior Intelligence Creative Extraordinary O-1

                        Really... I guess that makes you:

                        S.I.C. E.

                        S. I. C. O.

                        Dont wait too long to check on that" Loreal PERM ".. or you may never get to leave Uganda....

                        "Mr. Dont hate me cause Im Beautiful"


                        • See what I mean, Aquila?


                          • E.,

                            This thread became a little wild, I woke up in the wrong side of the bed today but in any event everybody [including myself] should stop with the foul language and personal attacks.

                            Enjoy your vacation.


                            • BECAME a little wild? You did just wake up!


                              • Aguila:

                                Thank god! Someone agrees with me about E.-vil.


                                I'm a science/forensic science geek. Necro Search uses many sciences, plus archeology.

                                I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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