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  • I don't why you guys even signify that multi-personalitied g a y commie.
    Sweet Madame Belu


    • E.,

      I have no problem at all with you being a martian.

      Evidently, the board appreciates you coming out of closet and telling us that you are one.

      I'm sure this hearty confession will get you even more of the desirable INPUT.


      • NO NO

        Mars doesnt have closet ...I think it's called

        CRATER HOLE there

        That would need a lot of Input


        • lol


          • I see you've got company,4now

            But I will not dignify that little being with anymore of my replies
            With you it is different story: I honor Stupid men when their Stupidity is truly Great

            So, what's your point, anyway?
            Surely, foolish men have points of their own.

            So, would you be so kind as to share with me?
            I would appreciate your...mhm...oops...'insights'

            To the rest:

            Would anyone tell me if waiting for PERM is better option than filing regular LC now?
            Anyone has experience with adjusting from O-1 to GC?

            Thank you.



            • We don't give Green Cards to g a y russian spies.

              Who are you, Barishnikov?
              Sweet Madame Belu


              • Don't ever confuse me with your husband, Jo


                • My husband is tall, s e x y belu.

                  You are short, fat old goat.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • Anyone, any info on PERM? O-1 to GC??


                    • NO No E..

                      You are not getting anwhere near my 'insides' ..I dont get down like that. I know you want my Point.. but you are never gonna get it
                      But because I feel benelovent 4now.. I will share this little secret with you:


                      one more thing... why are you so obsessed with your appearance?? What kind of PERM you need.. Clairol or Loreal.. Hope it doesnt come out too frizzy b/c you wont look too good. and I am soooo sick of seeing and hearing about LC. Low Carb this & Low Carb That. forget it.. just exercise a little harder and you will be ok.


                      I had O2 sensor fail when I got E. missions test. but no experience with O1. sorry


                      • Sounds to me as if he's been getting enough exercise.....


                        • There is no match for your stupidity,4now

                          I am glad you admit it

                          Thank you for for your...mhm...'insights'

                          It makes me very pleased to see stupid man getting angry

                          Feel free to share more


                          • To the Board [foolish men/women excluded]:

                            Ok, this is the latest update I found about PERM on

                            My attorney says that PERM is untested waters, that we should go with regular processing, which is still available.

                            What do you think?

                            Labor Certification Update – June 2004
                            Posted Jun 18, 2004
                            This is an important transition time in the area of labor certification. It appears that many changes are imminent in the processing of labor certifications. In this article, we share with you updates on PERM, the backlog reductions for regular LC and RIR processes, and the Central Processing Group (CPG) case backlogs. Consolidating all processes nationally in one or two centers may result in certain efficiencies, but it is also expected to cause concerns; among them, that national offices no longer are able to expedite humanitarian or age-out cases.
                            PERM Update
                            Many people have asked why the PERM regulation is still pending with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), since the OMB has regulations requiring review within 90 days. The 90-day point was reached in late May 2004. As explained during the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Annual Conference held the second week of June 2004, the answer is that William Carlson, the Chief of the Foreign Labor Certification at the Department of Labor (DOL), had requested and was granted a 30-day extension to complete the OMB review.
                            The 30-day extension was requested because a number of comments from interested government agencies suggested that OMB may not approve PERM. Mr. Carlson and his team at the DOL wanted the opportunity to address these comments before the OMB made a decision, to increase the chances for PERM to obtain OMB clearance and publication in the Federal Register. Mr. Carlson reported that the comments from the interested government agencies have now been addressed, and he expects to get the clearance from OMB at any time. It is estimated that PERM regulations could be issued within about a month's time - before the end of July 2004! The DOL confirmed the there will not be any fees under PERM, as there has been no legislation to implement fees in labor certification filings.
                            LC/RIR Backlog Reduction Centers
                            The backlog reduction centers to process regular LC and RIR cases pending all across the U.S. will be set up in Philadelphia and Dallas. These two centers are expected to be implemented and operational before PERM starts. PERM will be processed at two centers located in Atlanta and Chicago with jurisdiction over cases for the entire U.S.
                            At this point, Mr. Carlson expects that the backlog centers will first handle cases from the Philadelphia and Dallas regions. After PERM is implemented, these backlog centers will also receive regular LC and RIR cases from the Atlanta and Chicago regions. Once case backlogs of these regions have been addressed, other regions will be phased into having their cases processed at these two national backlog centers.
                            The DOL is hoping that the backlog centers to process regular LC and RIR cases will only be needed for about two years. This timeframe, however, will depend in part upon how many pending cases are converted to PERM and how many other cases will be withdrawn by employers. The backlog reduction centers will remain open until all non-PERM cases are adjudicated. Backlog reduction centers may try to target occupations where there are generally approvals or where there is one common employer, but there is no cohesive procedure in place yet.


                            • Is getting approval for LC and GC for O-1 status holder more/less complicated than for

                              If so, how?

                              Thank you,



                              • Oh Professor E.

                                Immigration 101 (Intermediate )

                                I know you think you are a good teacher and all with these mental exerices.. but then you know sometimes the students just know more than the teachers

                                Is this extra credit if I tell you.. What are you going to give us. What cha got.. hmmm? Entice us Profesor E....Other wise go look it up.. it will keep you busy so that your willy is not off making new friends and so on .. and so on.


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