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Rated "F" for FUN. Warning: Under 18 or Retarded Minds: DON'T READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • hey guys...

    please...cant we have just fun in this thread ... plz


    • No! You're gonna get it too, Pasha!
      Sweet Madame Belu


      • I guess this thread was just for fun but nothing else ... and all my relies are funny... have u guys ever seen any serious reply ? lets just have fun plz....


        • Jo

          I didnt understand you


          • No I still didnt get it


            • Pasha, you ninny, you said you had IT in HAND. We are talking about your winkie.
              Sweet Madame Belu


              • That was good one Jo


                • Now you get it, Dum Dum (Deega Deega)?
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • Mr E. we the menbers of this board will have to approve ya GC. your repititous is anoyning.... in some respect... why we will grant ya GC ... lol
                    How but go t Utah and married all of em women it is legal there


                    • Greatest Hits II

                      The Show Must Go On

                      Empty spaces - what are we living for
                      Abandoned places - I guess we know the score
                      On and on
                      Does anybody know what we are looking for

                      Another hero another mindless crime
                      Behind the curtain in the pantomime
                      Hold the line
                      Does anybody want to take it anymore

                      The show must go on
                      The show must go on
                      Inside my heart is breaking
                      My make-up may be flaking
                      But my smile still stays on

                      Whatever happens I'll leave it all to chance
                      Another heartache another failed romance
                      On and on
                      Does anybody know what we are living for
                      I guess I'm learning
                      I must be warmer now
                      I'll soon be turning
                      Round the corner now
                      Outside the dawn is breaking
                      But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

                      The show must go on
                      The show must go on - yeah
                      Ooh inside my heart is breaking
                      My make-up may be flaking
                      But my smile still stays on
                      Yeah oh oh oh

                      My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
                      f.airy tales of yesterday will grow but never die
                      I can fly - my friends

                      The show must go on - yeah
                      The show must go on
                      I'll face it with a grin
                      I'm never giving in
                      On with the show

                      I'll top the bill
                      I'll overkill
                      I have to find the will to carry on
                      On with the
                      On with the show

                      The Show Must Go On


                      • An Update

                        Hey, board, once again I need your advice.

                        Apparently, some fool has sent invitation to four ladies, faking my signature on it.
                        Invitation said that certain table was reserved for two at "Sequoia", which is in harbour, Washington, DC.
                        So, they all came there (even one from NYC drove all the way down in expectations of romantic weekend) and...
                        Well, you can guess the rest....*

                        Anyway, right now my email box is full of angry mails from lovely ladies promising to wrench my guts and have Immigration Officers transfer me to Pentagon, so I can be placed on top of some rocket warhead to be fired on warzone

                        Eh,well, as song goes "No woman, no cry".
                        So, I am left with O-1 to I-485 option, until I net and impregnate a new lady, who would eventually agree to sponsor me for GC.

                        I have spoken to my attorney and he will be filing paperwork soon, but apparently there are not too many extraordinary people on O-1 who were sponsored by employer for GC, so he lacks precise answers about what should I expect and how it all would go.

                        Now, my question to the board is this: did ANYONE among you hold O-1 (granted for Extraordinary Ability) visa in past and eventually sponsored for GC?
                        If so, how did the process go?
                        Is it simpler or more complicated than H-1 to GC or F-1 to GC?

                        Anyone has experience to share?

                        Thanks for your kind attention and replies,



                        * This happened day before yesterday, and I didn't know until I checked my E-box this morning. My phone didn't ring (strangely)


                        • So you can stick your d@$K in the Uganda woman
                          you can have a baby with her but you can not marry her. Gob bless you my friend


                          • I also think it's very strange that your phone didn't ring.


                            • Only one who will be calling him is the F.B.I.

                              Crazy phony commie!
                              Sweet Madame Belu


                              • turbox 1:


                                Well, that would be a good option, since I manitained all along that Ugandan woman has the most attractive body of all: you must have seen it in action to appreciate it

                                But, alas, in a wild rage after the "dinner" at 'Sequoia' she made a confession that she had neraly 365 boyfriends during the time encompassing one year: all that time we had only platonic relationship with her and she sweared to have me watch over mountain monkeys at Ministry of Water in Uganda if I marry her.

                                So, the last thing I would want to do now is to be # 366 on HER list (I am sure she has slightly exagerrated the number, but you get the point)

                                As to Jo:

                                Jo, when I was against commies you were still playing with dummies

                                Now, get lost from my thread



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