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Rated "F" for FUN. Warning: Under 18 or Retarded Minds: DON'T READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey, Rolls Royce must make SMART cars. I saw Stevie Wonder driving one on tv the other day!


    • u r right Still about those views! I think Hummer boy must sit allday watching the View, or used the Florida Poll commision to do the counting of this thread.

      Told u those Brit models too uptight. No rolls/bentlys..Well actually I wanted sleek italian skin leather. Im waiting for those twins Maserati and lamborghini to grow up into taller models. green eyes too like them olson twins. Cant wait to lift up those hoods. get the motor running and get high..oops i mean get out on the highway.

      I was born to be wild

      Im ok.. E. u Ok


      • 4now,

        Is there any kind that you've not looked into? What about Buicks? Nice, solid, reliable... should last for the duration.


        • Well yes Still. I Missed that USC model. "Its not your fathers car anymore." Im gonna make her mine. yea maybe a pontiac too. I heard the Aztec girls are nice. just have to be careful of occasional spearhead.


          • Hehehehehe
            Someone wants to steal father's car?


            • Good morning 4now, still, jo and E ..

              I guess you guys had party last night ... now this is why its hard to take part here coz of uncertainty ... before I used to do night shift everyday and now up to July only if staff doesn't come .... So cant continue on talk all the time...

              4now ...

              green car looks to me Elton John's choice ... I guess then you will have to buy orange coat and big glasses with yellow frame ....

              Hey swiss ...

              Nice to see you on the have ya been ?


              • Hey, what's up, Pash

                Yeah, we had some fun last night.

                You see, I am the most Extraordinary man here and hence all this attention: OVER 3000 views!

                But some little men get little envious

                Well, I guess that is the price I have to pay back to Nature for gifting me lavishly with abilities that most others couldn't even dream about

                BTW, we had talked about GC with my boss, they say they are serious this time.
                Do you know when PERM at Labor Department gets into effect?
                I spoke to one attorney over the phone yesterday and he said with
                O-1 and the work I do it could almost be guaranteed that my LC would be quickly approved.
                But he couldn't say when "PERM" will be in effect.

                Now, July is coming up and I am contemplating:
                what should I do?
                Well, may be I should keep all the options open: spend one week with each woman toying with the prospect of marriage, then come back here and think what path suits me the best.

                Uh, life is so complicated, so many options!
                Never know what to choose


                P.S. By the way Pash, I like those Yellow and Green cars featured in "Dupont Registry" magazine.
                V10 Lamborgini Gallardo '03 in Yellow looks just great to me (go to, click "Enter" for Flash intro, see what I mean)

                The color that I really DIS-like is Gray

                And my lovely WOMEN enjoy my Passion for THEM and Extraordinary cars


                * The Lamborghini Gallardo has been named L'Automobili Bella del Mondo - the 2003 most beautiful car in the world in the sports and supercar category. The award was voted on by an international jury comprised of designers, auto historians and art experts. The awards were presented at the Milan Triennale on April 5, 2004.


                • Hey E,

                  I thought there was a change of topic but I know ya will never let peace happen, will ya? ... isn't that one quality from those extraordinary talents ...

                  I m sorry I have no idea about PERM ... but if u r serious I will find for ya ....

                  Regarding coming vacation ... that's the best deal for ya as u know nature has given you all those abilities .... The only thing I can suggest to overcome time deficit ... u can combine some candidates and save some time to cover'em all ... means one week with 2 or one week with 3 ... . Have u seen that movie about Europe Trip ??? boy !!! if I ever go for that kind of trip... I am not taking you with me Who knows u might leave some more Essss behind you...

                  There would be more than 3000 posts but u r little late on posting as u know everyone got busy somehow ... if u posted this may be 6 months ago ... viewer could be more than 6000 in place of 3000


                  • Pasha,

                    Busy busy! I've been very busy too, just tried to interject a few posts while I was working on other things. I can't seem to get everything that I need to do done lately, just no time! So, haven't had much time for chat like I used to. My time doesn't seem to coincide with others' time so very little chat. 4now's posts always give me a giggle and giggles are good. I have to pick and choose which threads/posts I read these days!

                    It was nice to see Swiss on the board for a while, even though it was brief.

                    What did you mean by "uncertainty"?


                    • Hi Still...

                      nice to see you online ... its always refreshing to talk to old friends...

                      by "uncertainty" I meant that I am not sure anymore that I will work every night... It's not in my hand anymore...I work only if staff didnt come...and thats also up to july / last week of june


                      • Hey, Pasha O'Gosha!

                        Glad it's not in your HAND anymore.

                        (You need to put that "s" from hair(s) after hand.)
                        Sweet Madame Belu


                        • hey Jo...

                          Thanks for correcting me ... I guess ... I made that mistake in hurry.... though I never said " hairs"


                          • Is a a matter of the LEFT HAND?
                            Sweet Madame Belu


                            • E-go!

                              Stay out of me and Pasha's business, you old goat!
                              Sweet Madame Belu


                              • E-go, you couldn't handle a real woman like me. I'd tear your 'lil a s s up!
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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