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  • Taxes and Naturalization

    I'm applying for naturalization and my interview is scheduled for next Monday. While getting tax receipts from the IRS, I found out that for some reason or another I didn't file a return for 2005 and I owed money (stupid, I know). I have already filed a return at the local IRS office a couple of weeks ago and have a copy of this. However at that time, there was no way to figure out how much penalty and interest I owe. When I called the IRS this morning, they told me that there was some problem (that's now been cleared) and it'll take an additional 3 to 5 weeks toprocess and find out exactly how much I owe.

    Here's my question. I know how much I owed at the time, and I can calculate how much penalty and interest I'll owe, either on the day of
    the interview or in 5 weeks time. If I owe $X amount in tax+penalty+interest and pay that amount plus a little extra just in case, do you think this will cause a problem at my Interview? I'll have evidence that I filed and that I paid (online with a credit card)
    but I won't know the exact amount I owe until way after the interview. The lady at the IRS said that it shouldn't be a problem if I pay what I know I owe and take a receipt to the interview, but I'm starting to worry.

    With a week to go, I thought about rescheduling but I believe it will not be processed in time because of the short work week. Any advice/help/insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Hi, I can't see why it should be a problem. Just take all the evidence you have with you to the interview to prove you are taking care of this matter. Most likely they won't be that interested in it. In my N-400 interview she didn't even ask to see the IRS transcripts. The worst case would be they suspend the interview/application until the matter is fully resolved.

    Are you applying based on 3 or 5yrs as PR? If it's 3yrs, 2005 doesn't even apply anyway.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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      Thanks Brit4064.

      I'm applying based on 5 years as a PR. I already paid the amount due plus what I'm pretty sure the maximum penalty is (47.5% of the amount due) and then what I calculated was the interest due on that amount (compounded daily) and have a receipt of this.

      The only thing that bothers me is that there's no official proof from the IRS or any letters from them since they haven't processed my return yet. That and the fact that I checked "No" on the question that asked whether I owed state/federal taxes.

      But at this point, I guess all I can do is tell the truth and hope for the best...


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        The fact you said no on the form shouldn't be a problem as it is permissible to change any answers at the interview itself.
        "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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          I know at the interview they ask you " do you owe any federal or state tax.

          I just did my us citizen-interview. The officer did not ask nor wanted to see any of my tax return!


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