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Pence's no amnesty immigration reform bill draws Congressional support

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    "Guest worker program w/o path citizenship will work. Most of the illegals aliens don't need citizenship.. they only want the money then send it back to their home country."

    Unfortunately President Bush will never sign such a bill.
    The Senate already said so as well.



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      Someone12 what you are proposing will never pass the senate. It has a chance in the house but it has the same chance in the senate as the current Senate's bill in the house. So forget it even though you might love to see every illegal behind bars.

      Freedom1, Guest worker program without path to citizenship is the only compromise that has any merit. Think about it - do you really think the House will sign under amnisty. I really dont think so. The senate bill has no chance in the house nomatter how much you want it.

      As we all know any bill is better than no bill. The republicans have way too much at stake so they must pass something. If this was not the case they would not even talk with the senate about a conference. Their bills are so far apart that if there is no common interest in passing something there will be no reason for negotiations. If however they dont pass anything the Republican party will look weak and unable to lead the county along with loosing the Hispanic vote - thats way too high prize to pay for simply failing to act. Also you hear people like Someone12 and 4now say they will not vote for their representatives in the fall if they dont pass enforcement only bill. Well I wonder who are they going to vote for. Democrats? LOL come on that would mean 100% amnesty. In other words conservatives have no choice - it is that simple...

      The Compromise: in order to have a bill Senate and the House must find a middle ground. So the final bill will not be anything like Senate's nor it will look anything like the House's bill. It will contain a guest worker program because the house already said that they are willing to compromise there but the guest workers will not have path to citizenship the way outlined in the Senate's bill. Guest workers will not be provided with a path to citizenship, although guest workers will not be precluded from applying for naturalization under America's citizenship laws as outlined in rep. Mike Pence bill. People here in the US will be eligible for guest worker visa but in order to be eligible to ever apply for a green card they will have to leave the county and come back. I think this is the most reasonable compromise - the house is satisfied - no obvious amnesty with straight path to citizenship, and the senate is satisfied - we have them legalized.


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        Actually "Mike Pence bill" requires 12 million people to immediately leave the country in order to apply for Temporary Guest Worker Visa or any other permission to temporarily stay in US (forget about LPR), and in that respect "Mike Pence bill" is nothing but a mirror reflection of what Representative Tomas Tancredo was "agreeing to" all along.

        Now, the question isn't whether such Bill can/will pass , but the question is:


        If he does, then he should write books and rival the works of Robert A. Heinlein.

        But if Pence himself doesn't believe that , then what is the real goal that he aims to achieve - provided that even Tancredo admits that it is logistically impossible to deport 12-20 million people?


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          You are right that you cant deport 12 mil. people. You have to make them come out on their own by giving them something in return. In this case this is legal status. However, you cant expect them to leave the country on their own and reenter legally - it just wont happen. Also it is not enough to say that you'll let them stay here 6 more years and then send them back home cuz again no one will come forward. You have to give them something more than that. The question is how do you give them what they want without calling it an amnesty. I see it this way: Let them get guest worker visa while in US WHIOUT path to citizenship at this point. Then once they complete 6 years of work they should return home and reapply to enter US legally. At this point they can adjust their status to a permanent resident after a US employer sponsors them – that's what Mike Pence means by "applying for naturalization under America's citizenship laws". For the furure flow of guest workers - no path to citizenship without a cerification from the Department of labor that there no Americans willing to take this job. I think this is reasonable and both chambers can agree to that.


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            What you suggest is NOT what Mike Pence proposes, but it is what President Bush offered , repeatedly, since January 2004.

            And ever since I supported President's approach.


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              If he does, then he should write books and rival the works of Robert A. Heinlein

              Hail Hail AF

              never thirst


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                Hail not me!

                I never thirst but always say it as is.




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                  And you think they'll go home after 6 years to apply for a green card? Dream on. Especially if there are no guarantees--who's to say that their employer won't prefer to replace them with "guest workers"? We've already seen how eager employers in the H1-B program are to give up their "guest workers" for green card holders and citizens. They aren't.


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                    AF.. silly me.. to think that you would be a heinlein fan.

                    guess not

                    no more water 4u then


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                      Yes they will leave if they know that this is the price to pay for a green card. Also after their guest worker visa expire the employer will have to let them go since the government will know that this employer hires guest workers the odds to get checked if the worker has not left the country are much higher. The hard part is to get the illegals out of the shadows and register them. After that its easy.

                      One more question: how many H1B overstays do you know? I dont know many...


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                        Plenty of H1-B overstays, working in IT sweat shops or even their own startup. All of them have valid ss#, paying taxes, drive their own car and/or own place of residence. Of course with the irreversible IT shift toward India,etc, many are going back home as well.


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