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    I come the U.S with my F-1 , now my f-1 will expire, after out of state, can my SSN used still? can i buy insuance still. can i see doctor by my insurance

    thank you responsed in advance !

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    I come the U.S with my F-1 , now my f-1 will expire, after out of state, can my SSN used still? can i buy insuance still. can i see doctor by my insurance

    thank you responsed in advance !


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      Yes you can buy insurance if you can pay for it.Insurance companies do not ask you for your status nor do the doctors ask you your status.


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        why most immigrants iligilly cannot buy insurance except because the factor of no momney ,i heard most immigrant iligilly have not insurance ,can all immigrant iligilly buy insurance?



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            You can continue to use the SSN after your status expires. What other options do you have?


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              Remember that you are dealing with various gov't departments. When dealing with employment issues, law enforcement, and taxes is when you will need to prove status. Medical insurance, education (for children), and so on does not require proof of status...

              That being said, watch out. There is a real movement growing against illegal immigrants and the rules can and will change. For example - it is common practice is various states (CA, TX, AZ, etc...) to ask for proof of status when dealing with the police. For example - a speeding ticket could end up getting you into an INS holding cell.

              I myself am a strong believer in immigration but have no sympathy for those who are illegal and try to manipulate the system and all the rest of us.


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                Well said ARQU!


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                  I think that's not the way you should go through.It's not worth it staying illegal.If you are thinking about having a better life here in the U.S., do the right thing and comply with the law. If you fell out status on F1, why don't you try to contact your school advisor and ask for reinstatement? From now on, INS will be more and more tough and working together with all other law enforcement agencies. They will be after illegals now like they've never been before. Take care! Be careful about your next step.


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                    You will be better off not to use your SS number until you fix your expiration. Do that first or you will be using SS falsely and the number can be seen as invalid and no longer useable.


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                      No one really cares if you continue to use that SSN to work, for instance. After all, that is not a fake SSN, it is valid, and you are not doing a crime by trying to work.


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                        Use of another's social security card to work and establish credit in the United States, in violation of 42 U.S.C. S 408(a)(7)(B) (1988), and 18 U.S.C. § 1546(b)(3), did not constitute crimes involving moral turpitude, so as to disqualify the applicant from establishing good moral character on a registry application.

                        [Beltran-Tirado v. INS, 213 F.3d 1179 (9th Cir. 2000)]

                        The Court based its ruling on legislative history and the fact that the Beltran-Tirado's use of the social security number was to "engage in otherwise lawful conduct." When Congress exempted from prosecution for these offenses those who had already been granted amnesty or registry, by enacting 42 U.S.C. § 408(d), it indicated a belief that this conduct was not turpitudinous. See H.R. Conf. Rep. No. 101-964, at 948 (1990), reprinted in 1990 U.S.Code, Cong.and Admin.News 2374, 2653.

                        Moreover, the conduct penalized in these statutes was "malum prohibitum", rather than "malum in se." This reasoning applies, as well, to a number of other criminal offenses, but has some exclusions as well. Congress was careful to exclude from the exemption those "who used a false social security number for otherwise illegal activity such as bank fraud or drug trafficking . . . ." [Conference Report at 948, 1990 U.S.C.C.A.N. at 2653.]

                        Also excluded were aliens "who sold social security cards, possessed social security cards with intent to sell, possessed counterfeit social security cards with intent to sell or counterfeited social security cards with intent to sell." [see 42 U.S.C. S 408(d)(2)]


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                          But still it is a crime, isn't it?


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                            Yes it is.


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                              Investigations by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies since September 11 have identified a large number of aliens living within the United States who are actively utilizing false identities supported by bogus documentation. In almost every instance, this includes the use of counterfeit or fraudulently issued social security numbers, or legitimately issued numbers that have been stolen from other individuals or issued illegally by a corrupt SSA employee.

                              Fraudulent SSN 's are used to obtain drivers' licenses, to secure employment, to apply for loans and credit cards, and to live anonymously while avoiding detection by federal and state authorities. Sometimes the SSN's are completely fictitious, comprised of a random combination of familiar numbers. While these numbers are usually easily detected by law enforcement, they can be quickly and cheaply purchased on the black market and provide sufficient deception to secure the thief quick access to public services. Other times identity thieves adopt names and social security numbers culled from newspaper death notices, or from information lists found on the Internet.

                              For example, some Internet hacker sites provide extensive lists of social security numbers, both legitimate and bogus, available to anyone with access to the sites. In addition, these Internet sites sometimes include corresponding names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers of individuals. In one instance in 2001, the Office of the Inspector General/Social Security Administration ("OIG/SSA") investigated and prosecuted an individual who advertised several thousand valid social security numbers (with names) for purchase on eBay , with bids for each number starting at one dollar.

                              In some instances, a legitimate number (one actually issued by SSA) can be purchased from a black-market vendor who has stolen the number from an unsuspecting individual. When a legitimate social security number holder has his number stolen, she is usually unaware of the theft until her credit is destroyed or her identity is used criminally by the thief. A legitimate SSN, unless reported stolen, will allow the thief almost unlimited access to employment, credit cards, replacement social security cards, driver's license, and any other sensitive identity document available to a legitimate social security number holder.

                              It is not unusual for an alien to deceive SSA into issuing a valid social security number by filing applications containing false information supported by bogus identity documents. In order to secure a new or replacement social security number, SSA requires that an individual show proof of identity, including at least 2 identification documents such as a driver's license, U.S. passport, birth certificate, U.S. government or state employee ID card, school ID card, record, or report card, marriage or divorce record, military records, clinic, doctor, or hospital records, adoption records, or alien registration number. Library cards, vehicle registration, rental or lease agreements, credit cards, check cashing cards, bank deposit slips, telephone or utility bills, or any identification documents issued by a commercial firm are not considered identity documents and cannot be used to secure a social security number.

                              Unfortunately, very well-crafted, false identification documents are available on the Internet and/or can be easily purchased on the black market. SSA frequently discovers and rejects applications for social security numbers that are supported by a combination of bogus identity documents, including a fake driver's license, counterfeit birth certificate, fake baptism certificate, or false INS alien registration number. However, some bogus documents are almost impossible to detect, and SSA sometimes issues social security numbers that are based on fraudulent representations. Once a new SSN has issued, SSA has little ability to prevent fraud or misuse associated with the number, and the recipient is free to live, work, and travel freely within the United States until his illegal activities are discovered.

                              Legitimate social security numbers issued by corrupt SSA employees are the identity documents most prized by identity thieves and bring the most value on the black market. Newly issued social security numbers are almost impossible to detect and provide a legitimate cover for illegal activities and for aliens seeking to blend into American society. In the past 5 years, the SSA Inspector General has investigated fifty-five cases involving 61 SSA employees who have disclosed, sold, or released SSN in formation.

                              Criminal allegations involving SSA employees include the processing of false social security number card applications, the selling of legitimate social security numbers, and the printing of counterfeit social security number cards. 45 cases have resulted in criminal convictions, approximately half of which resulted in incarceration of the corrupt employees. Until 9-11, a long-standing SSA policy allowed individuals to obtain up to 52 "replacement" social security cards during any 1-year period. Prior to the events of September 11, audits by the SSA Inspector General had identified this policy of almost unlimited access to "replacement" social security cards as ripe for abuse, noting that during year 2000, 192 individuals obtained six or more replacement SSN cards.


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