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    Mobis: I guess that those anger-management classes aren't working too well.

    In any event, it is my understanding that USCIS doesn't take into account that your record may be expunged. They will simply ask whether you have ever been arrested...and go on from there.

    What time is your next class? I think that it's funny that you are a chemical engineer, and yet you have such a personal chemical imbalance


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      Mobis: Read SAMMY's post. He's an expert on immigration law, and he's telling you - much more eloquently and in much more detail - what I have already told you. You're toast.


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        Sammy, do you know what wrong with you? you an amateur trying to be a proffessional. That makes you look more foolish as hell. Commonwealth states doesn't have different policy when it comes down to arresting abusers? Dude i don't have to explain to you anymore, b/c it seems like you have no sense of view. You probably live in the country side your whole life, and i will appreciate if you go back and continue burning churches. As for me i spent the whole day today at the immigration, b/c i have an interview. the lady there nearly gave me a kiss. i have been doing great @ school,etc She told me cheating is a general most accepted legitimate reason why someone should leave his wife if he wants to. As for the intend to abuse, she said the only way the immigration can get involve is, if i don't finish the anger management problem.
        So, here we go again haters. you guys can't do ****. Deportation? Lol! You too foolish to think that way.


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          Mobis: What happened when you woke up from your dream?


          • #20
            your mama "surcked my Cooock". But she wasn't good. so i kick her out.


            • #21
              ...and soon USCIS will kick you out of America.


              • #22
                Never Lol. they ask me will i become an american citizen later on. but i don't know. to die for oil , shee. thats not human like. Korea is still waiting.Lol!!!!!


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                  what? Huh? You truly are a doofus, Mobis.

                  Are you sure that you're a chemical engineer? I think that it's more likely that you're chemically dependent.

                  Just my opinion. In any event, you're stupid.


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                    People usually brag when they actually have accomplished something..
                    Instead we've someone bragging when:
                    1) just being a college student
                    2) his wife cheating on him
                    3) a criminal charges in their record

                    Standard really have gone downhill...


                    • #25
                      I agree with you, Marmaduk.

                      Mobis has nothing to be bragging about. I wonder whether we should speculate as to why his wife is cheating on him. No, no, no, that would be too cruel...funny and amusing, but cruel.

                      We should leave what little is left of Mobis' "manhood" intact (LOL). Remember, he has a violent streak and hasn't been deported yet.


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                        lol! whatever guys. its just woman issue. girls die for me everyday. it's not an issue. but you guys need to look on both side of issues before responding alright! you guys are being sooo selfish. And that what happens if you do that.


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                          Girls die for you everyday yet your own wife cheated on you... and you can't even control your own emotion so cops have to be called in...
                          Must be nice to have a delusional mind.


                          • #28
                            furccck offf. cop? i could have call cop on your mama.


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                              hola this is a test


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                                My name is Antonio and I would like to give me please some advice on my case:

                                Im in conditional residence until february 2007 in which (3 months before) i have to apply for removal of conditions and
                                I had problems with my wife and my mother in law called the police and I was arrested and charged with:

                                1) Interference with emergency call 911
                                2) Assault causes bodily injury domestic violence

                                After one year of this the I make an agreement in which I plead no lo contendere for the 911 charge and get a sentence of 0 dyas in jail and fine of 450. For the domestic violence charge I enter a pretrial diversion program without pleading guilty or signing any guilt.

                                I see that you have a lot of experience in this and I woluld like to know what do you think:

                                1) I continue living with my wife and now we are pregant and waiting for a nice girl.

                                2) I think that the 911 charge can be considered a petit offense and does not led to deportation, is taht right?

                                3) the domestic violence charge was dismissed last week for completing the pretial program succesfully. Part of the information of the pretrial said that I have to sign a plea memorandum of guilt which the authorities never asked to sign. Do you think we are going to have a problem to renove conditions and become a LPR.

                                4) Do I going to be unable to become a citizen?

                                Thanks for any information




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