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I-130 additional processing?

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  • I-130 additional processing?

    Submitted an I-130 months ago and checked the on-line status. It was transfered from the service center to a local field office with a note saying it required additional processing. What does that mean? The local office it was sent to doesn't even list I-130 as one of the forms it works with. Am I in for some bad news?


    Family petition.
    Was married about a year back.
    Wife fell out of status during all this.

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    Usually they do it before arresting and/or jailing the beneficiary...

    Good luck
    Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

    -- Sabuntium The Great


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      WTF!!.. What do mean before arresting? What for!


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        Ask yourself and/or wife
        Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

        -- Sabuntium The Great


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          If either of us knew the answer to that I wouldn't have come here to ask. If you don't know then refrain from a response.


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            Originally posted by wantanswers:
            WTF!!.. What do mean before arresting? What for!
            Hi Wantanswers,

            Welcome to ilw and don't listen to these clowns. How long ago did you submit your forms?


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              The I-130 was sent in last October. We got a letter they received it in Novemebrr but set the notice date to late January. Looking on the site it says they are looking at applications received up through Dec 18. Its not our turn yet but that note came up when the receipt number was put in to check the case status.


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                reasons why they transfere the i-130's to the local office is bcoz :
                1- the beneficiary was or is in removal proceeding
                2- not very good evidence was sent with the i-130 application
                3- age difference
                4- you or whoever filed it made a mitake on the form
                5- to double check your marriage and c if its real or not
                6- previous illegal entery or over stayed her visa
                7- the officer think your marriage is not real etc...
                8- lack of evidence etc....
                9- you or your wife was previously married or the i-130 was filed in the past for someone else
                but this is very normal ,it happenes once in a while and no worry , just go there with as much as evidence u can get and dont worry . and the reason why it doesn't show on the processing time online bcoz the local offices doesn't post processing times for some applications but like i said no worry this is very normal . and dont listen to this idiot (subuntium)


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                  dont look at the processing times at the service center anymore, your case is at the local office, has nothing to do with the service center anymore ,dont worry


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                    Number 3 and maybe number 2. Most of the expenses were in my name only. I never thought to put utilities in both names. I make the money and pay the bills. Should I make her get a job and add her to everything?

                    The age thing is provable how? What do they want, X-rated pictures?


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                      Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

                      -- Sabuntium The Great


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                        well tell me little more about your setuation but i think i know whats going on now , but tell me first, when did she entered the country or is she still in her home country? how long has she been in the country and how long have u guys been married? what evidence was filed exactly? anything in both names? have she ever been in the u.s before? any history with the immigration?


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                          i seen your mother and your family in that picture sabuntium


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                            Have all the good s.ex you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as ever you can !

                            -- Sabuntium The Great


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                              She came here a few years ago on a j1. We got married last August. We had to file a waiver which was approved no problem. She is still here.

                              The evidence was pictures from the wedding, reception, and some others with her family when they came here. Not a whole lot though.

                              The things in both names are the lease and insurance. The rest of the normal things like utilities and all that are in mine alone.


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