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    Hello everyone, I have a question. One of my family members is engaged to a man over in scotland, thet go back and forth from colorado to scotland often. they want to get married but we are unsure if they will be able to obtain a marriage licenes, and if so if they will be able to live here in the U.S.A and in Scotland???? help....

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    The american citizen has to apply for a Fiancee Visa,so that Scottish guy can enter the United States legally,under the reason,for coming here to marry the woman who applied for him the finace Visa.Once he is here,the 2 couple can obtain a license easily,showing his fiance visa,in case they asked.
    This is the Legaly secure way to come to the US and get married.

    Others just come to this country with their tourist visa,and get married and wonder why they are being in trouble and deportation processing,because of entering this country under false reasons and getting married.

    My advice,make sure they do it legally,otherwise you do not wanna deal with the hasle and pain and pressure.

    People to this day think "no matter how i enter the US once I marry an american,i am secure and safe here and can not be kicked out" Reality check for all those losers,they are and will be,and the law is getting tougher and tougher each month.
    Thats why it gets on my nerv when people wanna get married while being a tourist and then ask those dumb,brainless questions,what to do???

    Do it Legally - apply for a fiance visa for him.You have to do it,not him!
    If its true love,they can wait for the visa to be approved and issued and during that time both can get ready to save money,prepare to move and what not.


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      Firstly the marriage ...The people at the Town Hall will not ask for his visa!!!! They want his passport, they will not ask for his legal status in America. Bride will be asked for her social security card as she is a USC together with identification. If the bf wishes get married and then reside in the USA then fill out form I130. after a interview in London he will get a K1 visa and can come here and has 90 days to get married and adjust his status. Should he get married and stay here before he puts in for a visa application then he might be getting into trouble. He can however do it.. its a tricky situation, it brings with it a mountain of stress.. He wont be able to leave the country until he has a yes or a no decision from the USCIS to his status in the USA. This has proven to be very quick in some cases and in others taken ages. The immigration rules on this are in itself subject to heavy discussion. One being an overstay on marriage is forgiven... which contradicts illegal or legal. You say wanting to live in Scotland and America? certain restrictions apply and the big one is travel. How much time are u wanting to spend in each country? He might not make the criteria to even have a Resident status in the USA.


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        Is your family member a US citizen? If so, a Fiance visa is available. Have a cruise through the USCIS web site, for the filing procedure for the fiance visa (I-129F). If your family member is an LPR (legal permanent resident) petitioning is restricted to spouse or family members only.
        The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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          The USC will not just be able to go to Scotland to live, she will need a visa


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            You do not need a visa to get married in the US, you do if you intend to stay.

            You do need a visa to get married in Scotland, too many scammers in the past.

            The UK Visa process is much much quicker than the US version.


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              Theone I dont think ur correct in what ur stating. The visa process is much the same in the UK as it is here. They have a MASSIVE immigration problem. You dont need a visa to get married in the United Kingdom. And to get a marriage license in the USA u dont need a visa if u are planning to stay. Just looking at the problem of the amount of people who come here on a tourist visa and get married and stay proves that.


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                Thanks all for the advise.... just one more question?????? does anyone know approx.. how long it takes to obtain a fiance visa/??


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