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New, and need help Marriage Fraud

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    This Schmoe f*u*c*k*i*n*g* b*i*t*c*h is creating problems for people that come to seek solutions !

    F*U*C*K Y*O*U B*I*T*C*H


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      Well I am not sure you are going to like what I write, but I am trying to give you the best information I can so you can make an educated decision.

      With an infant, I am not sure how much work your wife could perform on a consitent basis, unless you were to decide to place the child in day care. If the impetus for ending the marriage is based upon current financial stresses, then you should keep in mind that if you cannot uphold your commitment to stay and repair the marriage, then you will be asked to provide child support and most likely spousal support for a period of time. In my opinion, there are some economic issues to be contemplated by both of you in this situation. Where has your wife secured the funds to finance her legal counsel?

      Now as far as the legal process is concerned, if one party secures an attorney it does not automatically bring the matter into court. Attorneys are officers of the court and are trained to guide their clients to the most expedient resolution. Typically, they will not advise litigation, especially when there are no differences of opinion as to the distribution of marital assets. In fact, they will work to reach an agreement out of court.

      It should not take much to enter a complaint to dissolve the marriage on no-fault grounds. Most lawyers have boilerplate documents, which require little or no modification, if the facts of the case are clear and not complicated. Once the complaint is filed, your wife and you will each receive notice of the next available hearing date. Prior to that, the court will normally arrange a mediation hearing, where the parties get together once more and with the aid of a court appointed mediator, to try to reach a settlement. It is not necessary for attorneys to be present during a mediation conference unless there are complex issues to address. However, if one party does request that legal counsel be present, then both must attend with legal counsel. Many marriages are settled in this mediation hearing, which lasts usually less than two or three hours.

      As far as leaving your wife to her own resources, the answer is of course no. This does not mean that you must continue to cohabit, but if you live separately, you will be required to provide financial support to her. Keep in mind, that unless otherwise specified in a legally binding agreement, any income which is earned while you are married is considered a marital asset and belongs to both of you. If you do not provide support, then she could petition the court to request the support, and it would be awarded to her later, anyway. How could she provide for herself and your child, with no means to earn income? Your salary is not your own to use as you wish, while married. Remember the vows you made!

      I would hazard a guess that if your wife is planning to remain married until she has removed the conditions on her Green Card, that you are most likely looking at an additional 18 months or more at the very least. Can she effectively stave off the divorce and the court for that long in a no-fault state? I would think not.


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        One more point...
        USCIS will favour making a decision that the marriage was bona fide (because of your child), unless there is overwhelming evidence to refute that. If you were to "muddy" the interview, or be uncooperative, have you considered the impact this will have on your child? Do you believe that you will be awarded custody of the child?


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          I do not know all the details but it sounds to me like you are a total ****. You say she only wants to be in America and to abuse the the system.

          Lets take a look at the very first thing you said.
          "I married an immigrant." Wrong. She was not an immirant. She was first an acquintance then a friend and then lover and wife. You are treating you like she is a pig.


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