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  • To Pasha Patel

    Hi Pasha Patel,
    May be you are wondering what have I got to talk to you about right? Got a lot of questions for you man hope you wont mind helping me plan my trip to India and back. Sorry for asking so many questions. Well man looks like you know something about immigration and travels then me that is for sure and hence I have some questions So let me get to the point. As you know I have wasted over 30 months waiting for my Green-card and looks like there is no end in sight and so I have no choice but to apply for a AP (Advance parole) after all I have to see my old parents can't wait for ever you know what I mean. Anyway my first question is When using a AP do our immigration guys in India know about such a document? After all they are used to seeing US visa do you think I would have a problem explaining them about this document specially in Bombay (that is where I am going). By the way I don't even know which airline to pick? Any suggestions Any travel agents/Travel web-sites you know or you recommend? I did a online research and a ticket from Philly to Bombay is almost $2000 per person and this is in the months of July/August 2005 I have no idea why is it so expensive it is not even peak season. I heard it is cheaper in Feb and March 06. What do you think and suggest? The last time in 2001 I paid 800 bucks for a airline ticket it can't be this expensive now can it? Or am I missing something here. Thanking you in advance.


    PS I am very flexible as far as time line is concerned as long as I get the best airline deal. I plan to stay in Bombay for 2 months and my wife for a month.

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    Hi Raju...

    Sorry to hear about your waiting time for green card... as long as you do custom at Mumbai or New Delhi ... u wont have any problem traveling with AP to the best of my knowledge...make sure you keep all documents and receipt received from USCIS in your hand bag... if by chance you are flying to Gujarat ...never ever do the custom at Ahmedabad ... always remember that ... that airport s u c k s with custom clearance and other things .... Always do custom checking at Bombay or New Delhi and then take domestic flight to anywhere u want ...jet airways are pretty good domestic air carrier ...while coming back to USA come from this 2 air ports only...

    Emirates airlines and alitalia are cheaper ... if you are planning to go to India in april / may ... in alitalia its only 1100 $ ( inclusive of all taxes) two way and that's also when you do booking online from there website so just think ... it will be a lot more cheaper to buy from any agent here... if you buy tickets from India ...its even more cheaper than from agents over here ...

    Last time when I went to India for second time marriage I mean cultural ceremony ... I told my dad to book tickets for all of us including for family of my wife also and that was also in a peak season – December ... u know how high rates for airlines in December ...everyone rushes to India in December only coz of Christmas vacation over here... and we got deal for about 900 – 1000 $ for Air India ...

    I will ask my dad for you and let u know ... its very easy to do ... u can even buy tickets in India from here ... u just pay them and they give you PNR number...and mail your tickets to your doors ... u don't have to go anywhere to even collect them... I will ask all info and let you know .... And alitalia and emirates are pretty decent airlines ... I liked them even better than Air – India ...

    So finally in conclusion if alitalia sells tickets online for 1100 $ two way including all taxes then it should cost around 850 – 900 $ from agent coz they buy in bunch in advance and then sell for low price otherwise no one would even go to them to buy tickets and everyone would buy directly from official website

    Here is the link for you to check...

    I will let u know as soon as I find out about buying tickets from India ...Have a great day...Pasha


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      Hi Pasha Patel,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my posting I really appreciate that. Thank you. Anyway I have taken note of what you have said and me and wife will soon be looking into it. On Feb 1st I am mailing my AP forms so I guess it would take 3 months for me to get approved and more 15 days for the actual document to be in my hands. Then my wife has to get her Indian visa the very next week and then we will get the tickets. By the way since we live in Philly does my wife have to go for a personal interview with the Indian consulate in DC or NY or we just mail in her US passport with the application form Any idea on that? Now the thing that really worries me is that since I will be looking for tickets in say May end or June 1st week the prices would change a lot don't you think? I hope not. We are planning on going to Bombay in July/Aug 05.I don't want to buy the tickets right now cause what happens if I don't get AP or my wife doesn't get her Indian visa so I guess I have to wait am I right? Yes Pasha we would be going to Bombay and New Delhi only. New Delhi cause my wife wants to see Taj in Agra so... anyway when did you visit India last? Did you fly from Bombay? As far as my green-card is concerned well we did a lot of investigation with the FBI and all we got was NAME CHECK IS PENDING. But I am happy that they at least responded. This Feb we are looking for a Senator/Congressman to help us. What more can we do right? Once again thank you for your suggestions.



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        hi Raju...

        its my pleasure if I can be any help to you and others.... If your wife is of Indian origin you don't need to go to Indian consulate to get a visa...u just mail them necessary documents / application with passport and they will mail u back the visa ... it doesn't take too long to get a visa don't worry abt it ...she will get the visa without a problem ... if its an emergency then u can go to consulate and get visa the same day .... U submit in the morning and they will give you the passport with visa stamp in afternoon... don't worry abt it ...

        yeah it will be little costly to buy tickets in july / august...but its still not that bad like 2000 $ will be like 1300 instead of 1100 .... I will let u know once I get information regarding agents in India ...that will be a lot cheaper me ... I have done it before...

        I went to India last time in December 2002 ...since then I haven't gotten a chance to go visit my parents but will do it this year .... Kindly contact your local congressman he will be able to help you out with this no-ending FBI inquiry ..... if u have any other questions ... don't hesitate to ask...will try my best to answer if I know....good luck...Pasha


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          Hi Pasha Patel,
          Thank you once again for your info on Indian visa and Travel tickets to India. Okay now as far as Indian visa for my wife is concerned well she is NOT a girl of Indian origin she is an American .Now how is this process different from a person of Indian origin any idea? Let me know. she can apply for a 10 year visa right?. So you going to India this year too? Cool are you using AP or you have your Green card? Anyway I guess that is about it for now yep Feb we are starting our investigation about my Green-card from senator/congressman hope that would help. Once again thank you so much for answering my questions I have to fill out my AP form now and I sure I will have some questions Thanks so much man.



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            Hi Raju...

            U r welcome... sorry to confuse you in my previous post... there is no difference even if she is not of Indian origin for getting visitor visa as long as she has American passport... u can apply by mail ... it will take about 15 days apply accordingly in advance.....she can apply for 6 months / 1 year visitor visa ... if its for first time... but if she travels frequently to India ...they will issue her 10 yrs multiple entry visa... for all information on visa visit this link ...


            u will get to know everything about visa by visiting the provided link... yeah I m planning to go to India this year but still haven't decided when ... no I am not going to use AP as I already have green card for last 2 and ½ years... I have applied for removal of condition on my green card at Texas Service Center and am still waiting for approval / interview letter ... no problem in asking questions ...thats how we all help each others here ... good luck my friend...Pasha


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              Hi Pasha,
              Thank you for your instant responses man I really appreciate it. So you think my wife will just get a 6month or a year Indian visa. Well I am hoping that if she gets a 10 year then you know we don't have to deal with this anymore for a while just get done with all this. All this immigration stuff is just money and time you know what I mean? Oh well Anyway well I am happy that at least you have green-card look at me been waiting for 30 months and still waiting. Was your green card Marriage based or employment? Thanks for your answers man.



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                Hi Raju,

                It all depends on mood of the visa issuing people but usually if you apply for first time... most probably you get 6 month or 1 year visitor visa and next time when u apply ... u get 10 yrs multiple entry visa but it all depends ...u could be the lucky one to get 10 yrs visa right a way...good luck.... my green card is marriage-based....Pasha


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