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  • Serious Questions...Please Read

    I have a few questions and I was wondering if any one could help...
    1. I am a german citizen but my bilogical father is an american who got my mom pregnant when he was in the army, I have a court paper that states he is the father and that he owes child support. could this qualify me as a citizen by birth? (I am already married though and am 27)
    2. I had a green card already but when I was 12 my mom and step-father moved back to germany for 3 years then as we came back an immigration officer took mine and my mothers greencard. Could I just renew it?
    3. I have already applied for a new green card and have been approved on form I130, did I mess up going this route again?
    4. When I was 2 my step dad didn't adopt me but they had my name legally changed to his last name does that help anything?
    5. I served in my local volunteer firefighter department and volunteer rescue squad for a few years until I had my third baby plus I am a highschool graduate. Does this help any?
    6. Should I just break down and get a lawyer?

    Thanks in advance for all those who are willing to take the time to read this and maybe respond.
    1 Thesssalonians 5:19-24

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    Others on this site have said that the simplest way to find out if you're considered a US citizen is to apply for a US passport at the US embassy in your country. The laws governing whether or not you are one through your father depend on the year in which you were born.

    The immigration officer probably took your green card because a green card is for PERMANENT RESIDENCY, and it sounds like your family wasn't maintaining that. There's nothing to "renew".


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      ARE YOU A ****STER OR NOT?


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        Your mom sounds like a w h o r e


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          this post will get you banned


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   arent considered a US citizen by birth because your father didnt claim you as such before the age of 21.
            No you have to start the process again.

            No thats the best route.

            Your already halfway there
            Good Luck


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              For your information MICHAEL, my mom is not! She was engaged to be married to him and they were planning their wedding when she got pregnant!!!! But HE got cold feet after learning she was pregnant and left HER without even saying goodbye when she was 7 months PREGNANT!!! Do you feel better now that you know even though it had nothing to do with my question?
              To everyone else who answered, thanks.
              To everyone else, thank you for your reponse.
              1 Thesssalonians 5:19-24


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                Tanja had you told us that to begin with I would not have said that. You need to provide complete information or people will jump to wrong conclusions. I am sure everyone thought the same thing but I wanted to give you an opportunity to explain. Now everyone understands your situation much better. And by knowing this information, we are better informed to provide good advices. I believe you will be able to make a humanitarian argument before USCIS; I believe there are some rules regarding a situation like this.


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                  Man! are you trying to justify calling her mom a "w*h*o*r*e". Not only you have a bad mouth, no b*a*l*l*s, but looks like you got no brains either!


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                    ANOTHER ****STER BITES THE DUST !


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                      I would copy everything - including the document that states your father (an American citizen) is your father and apply for citizenship. Have all your documents notarized. Do not send originals. Send your papers in by certified mail or courier so that you can track when they were received.

                      Many children of servicemen overseas have applied and been granted citizenship. If you have a document of proof he is your father - you can apply.


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                        Thank you very much. My only problem is that on my birthcertificate it only has my mother's name. But on the German courtpapers sueing him for childsupport it does list him as my father. Would this still qualify me?
                        1 Thesssalonians 5:19-24


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                          I forgot to mention, I found my father last year and he is willing to take a paternatiy test to help me...shouldn't that automatically qualify me?
                          1 Thesssalonians 5:19-24


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