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Illegal 14 year old.

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  • Illegal 14 year old.

    The subject title basically explains it all. I'm expecting plenty of hateful comments from the majority of you, but there's gotta be at least one person who's willing to offer me some sort of advice.

    Well now I'll proceed with my story. My mom, dad, and I came to the US on March 15, 1998. So that's over 8 years of living here illegally... and frankly, it's starting to get on my nerves.

    I have family here that IS legal. It is through their "help" that we're able to survive here. Although someone told me that they could have helped us become legal citezens of the US, but now it's too late? I don't know. But if that was the case, THAT would've been really helpful.

    Hmm yeah. So I am now in the 9th grade, and I can't help but wonder what my future will hold for me. Not much, from what I can see so far. If I keep living as an illegal immigrant, there will be no doors open for me. And even now, me and my family are unable to get health care due to our illegal status...

    Is there anything my family and I can do to become legal citizens of the US? Any sort of advice will be greatly appreciated. Despite me sounding totally fine with this lifestyle I am living, I'm not. It's tearing me up. Thanks.

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    Which state are you in, in NY you can get free health insurance, even if you are ilegal, another thing one of your parents can try to be an LPN or an RN and they will get petition through job, you can PM me, I will find out some help for you, you are young don't beat up on yourself, just try to finish school, and I guess with democratic something might be available soon, hearts to you, God bless
    "If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer." -US Pr


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      Thanks a whole bunch for replying to my thread. I was beginning to think no one would.

      & I sent you a PM.


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        I know just how you feel, i've been here 17 years illegally and it's hell. Maybe one of your family member can file for you, if you aunts/uncle one of them could adopt you and then file for you. The sooner the better friend, because once turn 21 years old it's will be a lot harder, my advice to you is ask someone in your family for help. I wish you the best and hopifully someone online will know how to help you. Post your thread on these site, and seek help there, /,/ good luck buddy


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          Hi Hm.

          sorry to hear about your problems. Do you know how you were brought to the U.S.? Where you brought here "by inspection" meaning that who ever was traveling with you as an adult had visas? or a visa waiver etc? In that case, you'd be an OVERSTAY, not an illegal, really!

          or where you brought here without inspection (crossing the border uninspected, over night, by traffickers etc.). In this case, it is a bit harder to adjust your status... but not impossible!

          Are you female? There are some avenues available, especially if there are abusive circumstances (but do not be dishonest or bring anybody into trouble, just to gain a status, always remember that "what goes around, comes around"!

          There are several proposals for several years now for people just like you who were brought here as minors and are growing up here, to get them 'legalized'. Now with both the House and Senate (the branch of our government that writes the laws) in Democratic hands there is a good chance that some form of justice will be served to the millions of suffering children. Life Act and a few other proposals are such legaslatures. Learn as much as possible about these things and inform your U.S. Citizen relatives and friends about these so they can get into action and contact their represantives and congresswomen, governeours etc.

          One poster suggested the adoption scenario, that is definitly possible. If you were brought here without inspection, you may need to go outside of the U.S. first though (under current law, no "adjustment of status is possible for anyone who crossed the border or entered the U.S. without inspection". But you'd be a U.S. citizen (not an LPR or any other visa holding foreigner) immediatly as soon as they finalize an adoption.

          Another thing is, since you're still a minor, you have technically not broken the law yet. That means untill you turn 18, you are technically neither an 'overstay' nor an 'illegal'. Once you turn 18 though, you become deportable.

          Do not give up hope. Good things will happen. Be good in school, keep on working hard and eventually it will pay of. America is a great country and there is alwyas room for ambitious, hard working people! I, like many of my fellow citizens, am definitly for a general amnesty for anybody who has been brought here as a minor and has been growing up and living here for a certain amount of time (say 6+ yrs. or so). Good luck to you and keep on researching the laws, legislature, your politians etc.


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            Malakai: Wow, 17 years of illegal residence must be brutal. I'm sure that one day... things will change around. We'll get our chance at legal residence someday. My aunts would not go through all the trouble of adopting me, and although my mom would gladly agree to it, I know my dad would not. He puts HIS sisters and mother before me and my mom. He could really care less about us being illegal here. Ugh... I loathe him, but that's another topic. Thank you for the links, I'll be sure to check them out!

            Layton2000: Well, my family and I are from Korea, so nope we didn't cross any border to the US. We took a plane here, my parents told the airlines we were just going for a visit, so that's how we got here. No visas, passports from Korea, yes, but they've already expired so I don't think they'll be of any use. I am a female, and my dad has hit my mom and I once before, but he only gets violent when he's drunk and angry. After that happened, though, we make sure we don't get him angry anymore after he's drunk, so nothing ever happens anymore. And just as I told Malakai, neither of my aunts would go through the trouble of adopting me. My dad wouldn't allow it anyway. But I really hope that proposal you mentioned gets accepted. It would really help me a whole bunch.

            Don't worry, I always manage to find hope no matter how hard things get. Thank you so much.


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              great....another dirtbag from a family of visa cheats...and this douchebag wants a reward, just like all the other dirtbags that lack the responsibility to obey our laws, along with their equally useless parents....stop screwing up our gene pool. Go Home. Now.
              All this rationalization from you whining dirtbag illegals is tiresome....there are millions of people outside of the US, waiting their turn to immigrate LEGALLY (hint: by obeying all of our laws, douchebag)...and yet you and your in-bred family of visa cheats believes you should be rewarded ahead of these law abiding folks....WHY? What makes you so effin special? (another hint: NOTHING) you and your parents are just lowlife illegal scum, whining constantly about how "unfair" your life is....well, fix it....get on a plane and get the eff out of MY country.


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                You are absurd. This is not YOUR country. You speak to me as if I'm inferior, well let me explain something to you. In no way am I any less of a person than you are. My illegal status, and my parents' illegal status, do not make us "dirtbags", "douchebags", or "scums". You're so immature as to resort to name-calling. Please elaborate as to WHERE in my post I stated that we should be "rewarded" ahead of anyone. I simply asked for some advice as to what I could do to gain legal citezenship. I never said anything about my life being unfair either. Your post was really just pointless, and inaccurate at that. What are you, 5?


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                  you and your lowlife family are inferior...why? Because all of you lack the genetic material to be a responsible adult. You and your family violated the privilege (yes, douchebag, privilege) of having a US visa...and how did you repay that privilege? By lying to our government officials, not once, but twice....yep...lied....once to get the visas, once to gain admission to MY country (it ain't yours by a long shot, dufus) are whining now because you want a shortcut to a gc....for no other reason than being an irresponsible douchebag, just like your scumbag parents. Once a douchebag, always a douchebag.
                  Again, $hit-for-brains, explain to those millions of folks waiting their turn to immigrate LEGALLY why you and your lowlife family should be given status ahead of them....go on....let's hear your 'rationalization' ......come on......don't hide under the and your visa-cheating family are NO different than millions of other lowlife dirtbag illegal aliens.....always whining about how much you deserve....well, all you deserve is a one way ticket back to whatever kraphole you crawled out of.....last chance....let's hear your 'valid reasons' why you should enjoy a legal status for being a visa cheat ahead of other responsible adults.....and calling me names won't suffice.


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                    and if being illegal is really "tearing you up" just leave MY country and apply for a another visa (of course, no one will give a visa cheat another chance to lie, cheat and steal again, but that's your problem)...or, invest $2.59 for a box of Kleenex and use them to mop up your phony tears.


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                      Someone12, shut up! If you got nothing nice to say, shut up or I'll put a bullet in your mouth!
                      The poster has problems and need help. Why don't you for once think about how you feel if you're in his shoes? It's not his choice to be illegal. He was brought by his parents here and became illegal. As a minor, he had no control about the situation. He was not capable of making decision. A minor is a minor. My advice is once he reaches the right age and has a US citizen fiance, he can marry and be legalized. Another route is to find an employer to sponsor him in the future. While in high school, he still gets the same privileges and rights like all the others. It's when he reaches college that's a problem. By then, there could be some friendlier immigration laws. The so called "Dream Act" might be put into law and this shall benefit him. In the meantime, he should behave and avoid committing any form of crime.


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                        The OP seems perfectly capable of whining...and his parents are perfectly capable of leaving MY country up yours. You don't control what anyone chooses to post here, so blow it out your behind.


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                          Another advice to the 14 years old illegal alien: Before you finally get deported, try to locate this Someone12 and eliminate him from this country and this world. You got nothing to lose anyway. No one knows after you're deported. People like him should never exist on this earth.


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                            well macyuhoo.....let's see you live up to your teeny-weenie threats?


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                              Wow. It's so weird to see you guys talking about me as a guy. I'm a girl.

                              Thanks for defending me Macyuhoo, I really, truly appreciate it.

                              Someone12: Um, okay. Once again, WHERE in my post did I say that I should be given legal citizenship ahead of anyone? Did I not just explain to you in my previous post that I was simply asking for advice to become a legal citizen? I did not insert a time frame. How many times will I have to tell you this before it gets through your thick head?

                              Ok, just to clear this "inferior" thing up, if anyone is inferior here, it's you, because God obviously failed to give you a brain. Why do you keep calling me a douchebag? Is that honestly your way of insulting me? Do you even know what a douche bag is?

                              As long as your making assumptions of my parents being "irresponsible adults", I'll make one about you. You're probably a fat purple cow from Mars. Yeah, just goes to show you how effective assumptions will be. Anyone can assume things, but unless you know about the situation me and my family are in, stop judging us.

                              And honestly... who HASN'T lied to the government?


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