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    maybe the canuck can get a job giving bj's on the street corner for 25c each. Have we seen your miserable face on the cover of any magazine? Your contributions to the American economy? Like what? buying lottery tickets? You probably didn't pay your hospital bill after your wife (she is the Nobel Peace Prize winner, correct?) had a kid...
    sniffle sniffle...what a whining canuck....better stock up on Kleenex...and buy road map, that shows the way back to Canada,... (hint: due north)


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      no offense, but do not have an opinion and comments about european countries of you have never lived there and experienced the system.

      Don;t get me wrong I love everyhting about the US...

      But do not compare the German,France,and Switzerlands social system.They are secure as a rock.I know it cause I have lived there.

      Unlike however US jobs...most european jobs created there by them for them stay there without out sourcing.U can not even compare Europe with the USA...and give numbers because it makes no sence.
      Remember Germany the country alone has the size omaybe as the state of Ohio a bit bigger.But they population is 120 million....and whats the US population? maybe 3 times as you wanna compare that??? to me that would not make no sence...the size of the country is one one thing,but the people living in is another...

      To me a country who takes care of its own people is a secure country....US can not even come close.Those countries do not have veterans without health care or are homeless,like here in the US...

      Fact is, US is not social country and does not really care for its own people...are we forgetting what happened in 2006 with katarina??? you think that scandel and happened there would have happened in any european country???? excuse me never...
      like I said, we are suppose to be the strongest and richest nation on earth...

      and when i say 3rd wold countries,i did not mean that literally u know,just to get an idea about my point.

      Hey its cool though, nothing wrong for being a republican lol

      peace buddy


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        So, I'm getting my $75,000 buy out (approx one months pay per year of servise and I have 7.5years), two months of additional pay since I won't be employed (by law), I'll collect two months of unemployment which I've paid into and deserve, and $5000 worth of addtional training expenses from Pfizer, which I'll apply towards my MBA... I was half way throught when I got word. Pfizer picked up 100% of tuition, which was really nice.

        But even better, I just landed a new job in the area so I don't have to sell my home, got a $5000 pay increase, an $8000 signing bonus, plus I'll get may and jume off to relax since the new company isn't quite ready for the influx of people they hired. Plus more tuition reimbursement (only %80 though)... which is really great because I'll have a nearly-free mba complete in about a year and a half, which I can then parlay back home making even bigger bucks!

        So thanks to all those who tried to help. I really appreciate it!


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