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    A US Passport only has biographic data (perhaps an Israeli Passport is different ??)

    You don't need to establish your immigration status to obtain a bank account. Chevy Chase bank for example, opens accounts for undocumented people everyday. Each bank does have different sets of is best to research online.


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      What about an employer? How would they do the background checks or verifications without identification?


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        First, you do have a picture ID issued by the US Government...your EAD card.

        Second, you can process an Israeli passport for $50.


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          Yes, my EAD does have a picture. However, it does not have my address.

          Yes, I sent off an email to the consulate asking if a passport will have my home address. I'll have to wait for their response, they don't want people calling them (as stated on their site).

          Thanks for your suggestion, I hope the passport will work out.

          By the way, how long does it usually take to have the passport in your hand? Weeks?


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            inquiry ...what state do you live in???


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              Have you tried getting a driver's license instead? or asking to speak to a supervisor. You can alse take your electricity bill with your EAD and social security card to the bank. I am sure that the DMV gave you a receipt when you went to visit them, take it with you to the bank.
              Perhaps your demeanor is not helping you!


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                I live in the State of California.

                A driver's license and State ID are the same thing, the only difference being you cannot drive with the latter.

                I am 20 years old and still live with my parent, so I don't have my own bills to show proof. And yes, they did give me a receipt, but on it it says "Not A Verified Identification."


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                  u have the same problem with a friend of mine.. but in her case she has only a passport and a SS# (not valid for employment) and a city college school id. we are plannig of opening a bank account next week. she has no state id or DL. same with ur case.. her parents overstayed their tourist visa..and their case is still in process. btw, i think passports have no home address in it. do they really need the home address? how about bills or letters? can it be a proof? or school stuff?


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                    Maybe the consulate to your county will issue a consular id card with your address. Many consulates do this. It is not accepted by everyone, since it is issued by a foreign government, but it's worth looking into.
                    Have a nice day


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