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BronzeLady! - Wheeeeeere Aaaaare Yoooooou?

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  • BronzeLady! - Wheeeeeere Aaaaare Yoooooou?

    Where is this Lady? Is she on vacation? hmmmm.... She is missed alright!

    You can come out now Bronzy, your response would do everyone on this forum a favor.

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    Where is this Lady? Is she on vacation? hmmmm.... She is missed alright!

    You can come out now Bronzy, your response would do everyone on this forum a favor.


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      That is just what she was waiting..
      You can stay where you are Bronzelady...We are very happy that michael joigned you in your hide out!


      • #4
        BronzeLady is cool...she/he gives a lot of good info.... I don't know if BronseLady is he or she... doesn't matter..... I like what she/ he has to say...


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          Find this Lady people!!!!


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            Don't you remember Sarah_d and her threats? As you'll see from this excerpt from her post on September 1st:

            "Interestingly, most of the times that Bronzelady posts to this forum she isn't "helping" anybody at all but simply posting to show off or intimidate. Instead of "help", what we usually get from her is a venting of some sort of rage over her own agency's failings, applicants' misperceptions of CIS procedures, or, not infrequently, direct abuse of the people who ask for her advice (e.g., sarcastically asking one questioner whether he actually knew how to read and another whether she was "really that stupid?"). This CIS drone is an abusive bully whose reign on this forum is, thankfully, soon going to end."

            Maybe she had something to do with BronzeLady's disappearance? I don't think BronzeLady had any more posts after this.


            • #7
              Could you identify the so called threats in Sarah's statement?


              • #8
                I remember Sarah_d and her silly comments towards BronzeLady... Particulary attacking her role on this forum. Sarah was just a nuissance, I dont think she can change BronzeLady's help for the people who need it.

                We are still waiting for you Bronzy!


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                  Bronzelady did have an attitude.
                  Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                    BronzeLady hasn't been in hiding. I've had some other things to attend to so I haven't had a chance to check in. Plus starting to prepare for Christmas. My time on here is more limited than it used to be.


                    • #11
                      .... Don't ever scare us like that again Bronzy! - Your presence is greatly appreciated.

                      We are happy to have you back.


                      • #12
                        Thx, Mo, I'm not leaving the site I just can't spend as much time on here anymore that's all.


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                          No problem.

                          I would like you to help me answer couple of questions on your next visit here... I posted these questions on another thread, and had limited response.

                          Regarding 245i, a friend of mine is about to start the AOS process. He had a petition filed for him DEC 17, 2000 by his USC father, and he needs to proof he was in the US DEC 21, 2000 - Does the LIFE act suggest a continous presence from the day the bill was signed until the AOS process to be eligible, or or you could have simply be present in the US that day and could have left, then come back to the US to be eligible? - Thats what my friend did... he left after Dec 28, 2000 - then came back to the US as an international student 6 months later, Summer of 2001. His initial trip (during DEC 2000) was not inspected ( he entered through CANADA/US land-border - didn't receive an i-94), but his second trip in the Summer 2001 was inspected with an i-94 (D/S)... will this be an issue on a 245i case?

                          The law doesn't suggest a continous presence, just explains that you should be present the date President Clinton signed that bill... which brings me to my second question.

                          My friend will use the following documents to proof his presence; an affidavit from friends in the US, an iternary receipts for trips he enquired about while he was in the US (Dated: Dec 23, 2000), and a letter from a college professor, stating that my friend was with that professor on Dec 19, 2000. Are these OK?

                          Thanks Bronzy!


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