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I'm disgusted that all you illegals are going to be rewarded for breaking the law

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    Because something is not illegal does not make it right to break the law and lying about history makes you more pathetic. European immigrants did not come here "illegally". One of the reasons why we "discriminate" against wetbacks is their propensity to lie about others and to justify breaking the law. Act honestly and humbly and the rewards will be great. Lie, boast and show ingratitude but don't be surprised by the response you get !


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      "they cannot even come to visit on a tourist visa unless you are rich...."

      That is an absolute lie. You think everyone that moves to or visits the US LEGALLY is rich? No one is discriminating against Mexicans. Americans (and soon to be Americans) don't want people coming here ILLEGALLY. PERIOD.

      Also, what country was not "formed" in one way or another by immigrants?? Canada was "formed" by immigrants, should Canada do away with it's immigration policies and boarders also??? Every country needs to know why people are going to their country and for how long. They need to make sure people are not bringing in illegal drugs. Animals or foods that should not be in this country need to be checked for....the list goes on and on..... You should probably go back to school, you just don't "get it" .


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        gg--You should check the facts. Mexico is the one country sending the MOST legal immigrants to the U.S. because our immigration policy favors family reunification. Most of our legal immigration is either from Latin America or from Asia, around 90 percent if not more by now. If anything, we should reduce the number of legal immigrants from Mexico so that other countries have a chance--that was the purpose of the diversity lottery.

        As for the employment-based method of coming here, well, there were 195,000 employment-based H1-Bs up until 2003, plus an unlimited number of H1-Bs for researchers and academics.
        We have roughly 80,000 now. Mexicans had and have the same chance as anyone else to get these visas. There's also an H-2 program for unskilled seasonal labor. What you really mean is, it's not easy for UNSKILLED labor to come to this country, and why should it be? Unskilled uneducated workers are cheap for the employer, but cost the taxpayer. If you think Americans want to import poverty, think again.

        Oh, yes, gg--Mexico and most of Latin America have gone through much the same immigrant experiences as the U.S. All "Hispanic" means is that someone speaks Spanish--it doesn't represent a race, even though they'd have you believe it does. President Fox is of Irish ancestry. The richest man in Mexico, the 3rd richest man in the world, is a Lebanese named Carlos Slim Helu. Selma Hayek is Lebanese. In other words, buddy boy, Mexicans have at least the same and often even better opportunities to immigrate legally than the rest of the world, and it has nothing to do with race. However, Mexico is not so generous to others. It enforces ITS immigration laws against illegal entrants to its country, and demonstrations by even LEGAL visitors have resulted in their deportation, whereas several hundred thousand ILLEGAL ALIENS here marched unmolested and undeported, even waving Mexican flags. Your ability to come here has everything to do with how well YOU and YOUR COUNTRY equip YOU. The Philippines is a poor country, more nonwhite than Mexico and we have plenty of legal immigration from there because they speak English and they get educations and marketable skills such as nursing.

        Finally, regarding visas: if it's hard for residents of some countries to get visas to visit the U.S., it's because large numbers of citizens of THEIR countries have broken OUR laws by violating the terms of their visa or coming illegally. Even Poland, a very blue-eyed blonde WHITE country and part of the EU isn't part of the visa waiver program because it has a high rate of visa overstays.


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          gg...Mexicans want to immigrate to the US? Stay in school, get work experience, get a degree like the rest of us had to do in order to come here. You think there is one immigration law for Mexicans and a different immigration law for every other country? WRONG ...grow up! We (who are here legally) ALL had to obey the same US immigration laws.


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            Its a huge slap in the face to all those people like myself
            WEll, don't take it personally. Illegal immigration has deeply seeded ECONOMIC roots and it will take many years to rearrange it.I think it's not feasible. That is how America prosper,,,


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              Our governemt/agncy had fail to protect, the countries laws in all respect.
              Many of them enter on Visa's and overstays, some cross the borders. If you look into the laws its inside the books.

              SunDevilUSA, You never said how you got your LPR status? You used to speak againts the laws one time. You are also the guy who jumped the ship.


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                I do not think we need to bring the educated immigrants to take over our jobs. I think we need the uneducated ones the most, so they can do the jobs that we don't want to do.
                And yes in other countries people with money and political power have it a lot easier to come in the United States. It was really hard for me to get here and I finished both my Bachelor's and my Master's degree here in United States. I had to wait 5 years to get a green card also.
                All these does not mean that just because I had to suffer, anyone else should suffer also. Life isn't fair, but I am sure that life has been more fair to me than to any of these illegal aliens. I am sure they would love to come in US legally if they had a chance. What if any of your parents came here illegally and you guys formed roots in the states would you like it if all of a sudden after many years you would be sent home?
                Let's face it the only way to solve the problem is: legalize everyone who is alredy here so that the government knows who they are and where they are and stop further illegal immigration. Monitor the border so that no further illegals get in the country.


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                  Ornela, that's what I call one honest comment. I have to say I don't agree with legalizing criminals and other dangerous individuals but I do believe however that immigration law must take into consideration the human side of the problem. Laws tend to fail when they are conceived with limited knowledge of the problems they're supposed to attack, and the INA is not an exception.


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                    Americans are rewarded every day for breaking the laws for instance road traffic laws, tax laws or criminal laws.

                    Every court or prosecutor in US offers or waives the penalty or reduces the penalty to American for breaking the laws.

                    Why the illegal aliens are not going to be rewarded anything? There are humans like law breaking every day Americans!


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                      One more aspect of the problem. Why are there jobs that Americans do not want to take but illegals do? The answer is: welfare, which pays more to do nothing than to take those jobs. Guess what will happen when all these 11 million unskilled workers get green cards? Why would they want to work and earn below-the-minimum wages. Bingo - welfare. What's next? With borders still unprotected the new and larger wave of illegal immigrants will follow to fill those now vacant jobs. It is not unique to USA. It is exactly what is happening in Europe.

                      It is not to say that we should do nothing. Perhaps illegal immigrant should be registered and given temporary status (like TPS) that has to be renewed periodically and would allow them to be legally employed, pay taxes, obtain DL's, etc. But it should NOT lead to Green Card or citizenship, and most of all - to welfare.


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                        You should know, an LPR may be deported if he or she is determined to be a public charge (e.g. receiving public benefits without employment). So, no chance that kind of conduct could actually happen without severe consequences.


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                          I agree with Aibolit.
                          Temporary Work permit without path to citizenship it is a model in Germany or in Swiss called 'Gastarbeiter' which translates to ... guest worker.

                          Polls constantly show that outsourcing take away more jobs from americans than illegal aliens. Americans fear more outsourcing than from illegal aliens competition.


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                            Posted April 09, 2006 09:36 PM
                            I agree with Aibolit.
                            Temporary Work permit without path to citizenship it is a model in Germany or in Swiss called 'Gastarbeiter' which translates to ... guest worker.

                            Polls constantly show that outsourcing takes away more jobs from americans than illegal aliens. Americans fear more about outsourcing than about illegal aliens competition.


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                              Some welfare benefits are legal for LPR's, like Medicaid and Food Stamps.

                              Here is the document that clarifies it

                              Q5: How does INS decide whether someone is deportable as a public charge?
                              A5: Deportations on public charge grounds are very rare because the standards are very strict. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, an alien is deportable if he or she becomes a public charge within 5 years after the date of entry into the United States. for reasons not affirmatively shown to have arisen since entry. The mere receipt of a public benefit within 5 years of entry does not make an alien deportable as a public charge. An alien is deportable only if (1) the state or other government entity that provides the benefit has the legal right to seek repayment from the alien or another obligated party (for example, a sponsor under an affidavit of support), (2) the responsible program officials make a demand for repayment, and (3) the alien or other obligated party, such as the alien's sponsor, fails to repay. The benefit granting agency must seek repayment within 5 years of the alien's entry into the United States, obtain a final judgment, take all steps necessary to collect on that judgment, and be unsuccessful in those attempts. Even if these conditions are met, the alien has the opportunity to show that the reasons he or she became a public charge arose after the alien's entry to the United States An alien who can make such a showing is not deportable as a public charge.

                              Q7: Are there public benefits that aliens can legally receive without worrying that the INS and State will consider them a public charge?
                              A7: Yes. Not all publicly funded benefits will be considered by the INS or the State Department in deciding whether someone is or is likely to become a public charge. The focus of public charge is on cash benefits for income maintenance and institutionalization for long-term care at government expense. Examples of benefits that will not be considered for public charge purposes include:
                              "¢ Medicaid and other health insurance and health services (including public assistance for immunizations and for testing and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases; use of health clinics, prenatal care, etc.) other than support for institutionalization for long-term care
                              "¢ Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
                              "¢ Nutrition programs, including Food Stamps, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, and other supplementary and emergency food assistance programs
                              "¢ Housing assistance
                              "¢ Child care services
                              "¢ Energy assistance, such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
                              "¢ Emergency disaster relief
                              "¢ Foster care and adoption assistance
                              "¢ Educational assistance, including benefits under the Head Start Act and aid for elementary, secondary, or higher education
                              "¢ Job training programs
                              "¢ In-kind, community-based programs, services, or assistance (such as soup kitchens, crisis counseling and intervention, and short-term shelter).


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                                Айболит, Вам в Одессе дали справку на убежище?

                                Мне тоже.


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