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Why Is Mandating E-Verify a Problem? (VIDEO)

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  • Why Is Mandating E-Verify a Problem? (VIDEO)

    What is E-Verify? Why is E-Verify such a problem? Is there a better solution than mandatory E-Verify?

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    What is E-Verify? Why is E-Verify such a problem? Is there a better solution than mandatory E-Verify?


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      The problem is that it catchs too many illegal aliens.


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        I think E-Verify is good! It verifies citizens as well as non-citizens. To me it is the equivalent of the registration Europe. Everybody....doesn't matter who, has to be registered and receives papers i.e., Passport, Social Security and all ITINs through this registration process.

        And in the future we also receive health insurance through e-verify!!
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          There is no plan to provide insurance using the e-verify system. It's only function is to deter unlawful employment and assist in apprehending illegal hires and their employers.

          Mexico and it's citizens oppose it for obvious reasons. Contrary to HS, the purpose of e-verify is not the problem. This piece shows that it needs some work. The improvements coming will focus on identifying falsified records elevating it's success rate.


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            What is the basic strategy behind e-verify?
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              to keep illegal alien douchebags from stealing jobs from American citizens....and yet immigration attorneys are constantly whining about how this program interferes with commerce (i.e. it identifies their fraudster clients and exposes the attorney's lack of ethics as well).
              In fact, the more immigration attorneys whine about some change in immigration law, the more Congress should pass whatever it is these charalatans don't like about it.


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                S12 and Federale86, my friend the MARINE found an interesting post in google and I want to share it with you both. Search for: Immigration Reform? Let's try Mexico's Immigration Law.


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                  <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by HS News:
                  What is E-Verify? Why is E-Verify such a problem? Is there a better solution than mandatory E-Verify? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

                  E-verify is an electronic database which verifies if one is eligible to accept employment in US ( you send the identifying info into the database and, in return, it tells you if the individual has authorization to work or further checks are required).

                  It is alleged that the database has errors, thus some eligible to work individuals could be flagged as illegal to work.

                  The way to fix it is to assign an individual toll free line and create the staffed office that would immediately and effectively correct the errors in database ( if someone eligible to work is turned down as not authorized to work).

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