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Does it require a passport to re-enter US from Canada with Green Card ?

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  • Does it require a passport to re-enter US from Canada with Green Card ?

    My uncle is planing to go to Canada for a week. He is a legal permanent resident with a green card lived in U.S for more than 5 years He was from Hong Kong (born in China) but his "Certificate of Identity" (passport) expired last May.

    Here are my questions:
    1) Does he need Visa to go to Canada?
    2) Does he need a passport to re-enter to U.S? I was told that with a valid green card should be fine.
    3) Where can he extends his China/Hong Kong passport (Certificate of Identity)?

    Thanks much in advance,


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    "1) Does he need Visa to go to Canada?"

    -- No

    "2) Does he need a passport to re-enter to U.S?"

    -- No

    "3) Where can he extends his China/Hong Kong passport (Certificate of Identity)?"

    -- No idea :-)
    I would guess, he needs to contact Chinese consulate about it.

    He could also apply for a travel document (reentry permit) with the INS - if he just needs a document to travel abroad, not specifically a proof of chinese citizenship.


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      I was in Canada last weekend. Just gave my Plastic GC and the officer checked it and gave it back to me. The whole process took less than 2 minutes (not taking into account the line). Way back to US? same thing. Nothing to worry about I guess. You still should check on the Canadian Ambassy website if there is any specific requirement for people from China.

      Now, here is a question I have for anyone who happens to read this:

      I got my GC 5 months ago. My wife and Me have been separated since January. I supported her emotionally and financially to cope with the separation. I paid half of her appartment rental on top of mine. Paid her car insurance and health and dental insurance. Took her out every other weekend to watch a movie and dine out. Paid for a family counselor so that we can work things out. But if you had read all the previously postings, I think that we both had made irreparable mistakes and it's almost impossible to regain trust and live together. She wants to move back to my place, but I said that we should really have a serious talk and see if we are really for each other. We are going to have that talk sometime this month. She recently mentioned that if we were to divorce she would sue me for an alimony. I asked her " if we discussed things and came to the conclusion that it's not in our mutual best interests to stay married together, can we file a no-fault divorce?" She said that there is no way we will have a "no-fault" divorce because she will ask for alimony anyway if we were to divorce. I dont want to have drama in my public record. I really wish we dont take that route. But again, I have started to think that I must be really blind or stupid to allow someone to take advantage of me that way. I dont think things will ever work out. I'd better get out now than later. I wonder how things would be if we had a house or kids. I am really disapointed. Sometimes, I think that Michael is right to marry some mail order brides. It makes life much easier on the short run of course.
      Anyway, this is not divorce counseling website, here are my questions pertaining to immigration matter:

      If we dont go by the "no Fault" divorce route, what will be the consequences for the future when I apply for citizenship?

      After the six month period(following obtention of GC), how safe is it to get out the marriage with out trouble with USCIS?

      She uses alot our health insurance (frequent visits to doctors). Is that going to affect me later in anyway?

      Is there anything else I should be aware of before I make a final decision?

      I Look forward to hearing from you.


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        Thanks for the information. Did you travel to Canada by car or plane ?



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