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Joining Navy or other military services to gain legal status?

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    Yet again, without any logical or meaningful connection, you managed to babble out irrelevant junk. It is sad to observe how immature one could get. If you are about 16-17, although this still might be insulting to those who are mature of their age, then it is understandable to see your mania for high school pissing contests. If you paid attention, I haven't talked anything about saying "no" to orders, I was not curious about your cousins, the reasons why service members serve for, the elections of 2000 or had a SNL star been the President today...

    I certainly admire your English grammar using past perfect tense referring to an event in the past, and yet ending it with a future tense referring to an event that is in the future which didn't happen yet. Way to go hi-speed! Noone really needs to call you names or use cuss words towards you in return, huh?

    You confirmed what I said that military doesn't do politics, hence your disagreements with the military cousins.

    You also seem to be bright enough to get a clue what service branch I serve with by looking at my sigline, however the "AH-64D" line must have caused a short in the brain to be interpreted as a "military clerk". While you openly degrade and spit on certain occupational specialties, and yet by doing that you contradict everything you say about the "great" Americans like yourself, I am glad to have the cooks in the military we have today. They keep the troops rolling, even the shells are flying overhead.

    I am curious about one thing though, if only one of your cousins is in the USMC, what branch is the other one in? USN or USAF? Can't be HOAH enough that is for sure... Most importantly, and of course amusingly, your cousins are in the military, NOT YOU! Let me know when you get something better than your brutal "Bushservant" comeback. It really hurts.
    SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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      Hey you Private, go back to your post and get out of here! What's an army s-h-i-t doing here.
      You can't even do a 10X push ups. Chicken! Go Marine!


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        Originally posted by macyuhoo:
        Hey you Private, go back to your post and get out of here! What's an army s-h-i-t doing here.
        You can't even do a 10X push ups. Chicken! Go Marine!
        Look who is talking non-sense about the service branches, a supposed pro-American who is ignorant of his "military" facts as proven in this thread! Sorry, I am not a private, you are wrong again. When you grow up, be a man and then a marine and after that if you are put in charge of something, you might tell people what to do! Hiding behind a computer screen and babbling incoherent junk shows a lot of people the quality of your character. What is "a 10X push ups" hi-speed? Is that what your Marine caousins told you, they do 10X push ups? This last post must really be the end of your rational capacity after you have taken the intellectual beating all along, funny you could not even respond to it. Bring it on.
        SEMPER VIPER / Army Strong!


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