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Desecration of American Flag - NO AMNESTY !

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    Yes ALiba, they did just that. But what do we do with them now? They are already here and you can't deny that they are contributing to our economy. They contribute in so many ways, yet some of you try to deny that they do any good and want to deport them. Thats unrealistic! They are out there voicing their opinion and their presense because... well.. its their futures that are at stake. Why shouldn't they be protesting?

    Michael:... and then they burn out flag

    Who are they Michael? a group of about 5 people? Im sure you watched CNN last night and you saw the same thing being done to the Mexican flag, but we are not going to say all the Americans are doing it cause it was just a small group of dumb as ses.


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      Actually, I do deny their value to the economy. If they're doing jobs Americans will do, were the price raised, and most of them are, then they're replacing American workers. IF they work for low wages and need heavy subsidies in social services (medical care, education), then they're not contributing to the economy, but getting a free ride. You think it's coincidence that in the past five years, earnings and household income of Americans has decreased? That the top 1 percent of the population has increased its wealth several times over, while the rest of us are barely keeping up with inflation?
      What illegal aliens do is make it possible for employers to take more of the pie for themselves.

      But aside from all that, there's the effect of "legalizing" people who have broken our laws on our culture, and it isn't a good one. We have here "immigrants" and U.S. Citizens who have benefited from previous amnesties marching on behalf of their friends and relatives who have broken our laws. Shows what they learned from the previous amnesties--that the law doesn't matter because we'll be ****er enough to offer another. Are we supposed to continue to legalize people who have no respect for law? To let in any and all, and in effect have open borders? And just what effect does such disregard for the law have on respect for other laws?

      As for what to do with them--AMNESTY is the wrong answer. It hasn't worked and won't work to stop illegal immigration--quite the reverse. First, control the borders, put employer sanctions into place, then let those who have a basis to legalize legalize (US citizen relative or employer to sponsor). Deport the rest.


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        IT is OK to burn a Mexican flag; it is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO burn or desecrate an American flag; there is a big difference


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