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illegal immigrants should not worry you..Legal immigrants from Asia should scare you!

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    ".......Solution lets hire all the illegal with better quality and lower cost to boot......." I totally don't agree with this. I am a project manager working for a construction site. Many times, it broke my heart when I see my own company paid illegal construction worker half or less than half of American Workers for doing the same job; even, those illegal workers work harder and have a better skill to perform their job. The change for them to become legal is very rare, up to no chance at all, if you read the rule and regulation. This is unfair and not right. I pray that since they are here no matter status they are, they have right in being humane, they should be legalized and have right to like anyone's here to support their family. From my work experience in the world of business, if they have a chance for lower their investment cost, they will do it. I believe in free market and real competition instead of promoting class and subclass system society.


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      So, what do you call businesses hiring illegals for lower cost and increasing profit? Free market/capitalism or promoting class and subclass?


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        "Illegal". That is the reality in New York and big major city as far as I know and come across this situation. To win bidding for the project, the lowwer bider will get job.


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          You're avoiding the question. So are those business just practicing free market & capitalism and not creating class & subclass in society?


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            The following article has a very well balanced information about how America should handle the immigration issue.


            I hope everyone would read it before taking on any side.



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              yo that's truth dont fear the hispanic man or latino, fear the asian man, ahhaahha AHAH, that's cool with me because i dont care, if you are good at something, congrutations to azians and indians.


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                First, is MATRIX MAKER latino? If yes, low IQ. You know what bros; if you are dumb, it's your fault. If you have low IQ, then you deserve the back yard. It does dot depend on what race or nationality you are.

                If you cam here illegally, you are supposed to go back, bro. If you come here legally, you may stay, work, live you lives.

                The mistake is that low-wage jobs are taking by wetbacks, high-paid jobs are taking by people who deserve them, because they've spent years in school working hard. I'm saying to all nationalities. I have white and black friends, hispanics, asians, and even co-workers. Men are created equal so long as you are legal to everything.

                Think about it bros.

                If you race somebody, you would be also raced against that - you race yourself.


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                  Sorry Bro.. it appears that you took a wrong turn on your way to ghetto-land and ended up on this website. You, as opposed to the majority of Americans, SHOULD be afraid of Illegals. They are a direct threat to your life-style. You may never be able to be rightfully employed washing cars any longer ---you don't have the right skillset nor grammar to fill out an application. ( I'd bet 50% of illegals have better communication skills than you do..hmm).

                  Hey ..don't feel too bad. You can always get food stamps --- that's your American way of life BRO...


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                    You said "SHOULD be afraid of Illegals. They are a direct threat to your life-style." You're right to this point. However, so long as one's legal to everything, he deserves it.

                    You know what? You might have experienced using food stamps, haven't you? I don't even know how it looks like bro. Or you maybe afraid of that you will use one day.

                    ** In short, my point to reply to your page is that to let you know that you shouldn't race somebody. You should be afraid of illegals but legals. **



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                      Matrix maker,

                      Arent you afraid of the smart european people who come here legally?

                      I am just wondering about that.

                      America does not belong to any particular race. It belongs to productive people. If chinese are the best of this planet, well they will take over like europeans did some centuries ago.

                      Strong people are not unsecure. Stop using the race card to cover up your unsecurity.

                      By the way, I am west African, not asian.

                      You would like more light?

                      Get a copy of my book at



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                        Selective immigration has proven beneficial to every country that has implemented it. Selective immigration, by definition, represents an improvement of the nation's skilled work-force but it must be handled with care. One big problem is the quality of the domestic education system. With schools that prioritize socialization and extra-curricular activities over math, science and English, it's hard to see how a very-skilled foreign worker is not going to displace the poorly skilled native counterpart.
                        Today's economy is globalized, people move from country to country with little restriction, so it's beneficial to capture talent before it's too late. However, the education system should function in a way that allows imported talent to work hand in hand with domestic workers.


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                          Illegal aliens should fear Asians, too. The UFW and a private company just signed a contract to bring over Thais and Vietnamese on the H2-A seasonal worker program. They work even cheaper than Mexicans, and won't find it as easy to just skip over the border when they want.


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                            First, let me clarify my background. I'm not racist, as a matter of fact, I'm an immigrant who is now a US citizen and value immigration when it contributes our country. 95% of illegal aliens will never threaten the 'middle class' or status quo of most Americans. We need cheap labor to keep our economy balanced and keep inflation down. No harm done there. What should really worry and truly scare the middle class, mostly Anglos that are worried about illegals, should be the LEGAL immigrants that this government allows from India and China. Guess what Joey, Billy, Al, Margie and John....these guys are taking your $40K/year jobs. Wake up America !!. India and China are producing well educated engineers and business man that are taking over America -- I see it daily in corporate America....take a moment and realize that 90% of american-born can't compete with these guys...scary but true. So, before you start blasting the gardener, housekeeper, dish-washer, etc... look at your freaking reality and enjoy your last decent paycheck because before you know it....a Chinese or East-Indian will be doing your job, and will be more productive than you.... think about this....
                            I consider this an insult since my wife happens to be from Chiina. Second, if you want to advance your career, you would need to at least consider taking a job in China. It offers a unique experience since China lacks experienced execs. Finally, for $300/mo in China, I would be living large, affording a confortable home, and still have enough moeny to travel either inside China or outside. I do not agree with everything the government stipulates, but I enjoy their enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, and commradreship.
                            "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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