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  • Traveling Within The U.S

    Can I travel within the U.S. with work authorization? Or do I risk a chance of being deported?

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    Can I travel within the U.S. with work authorization? Or do I risk a chance of being deported?


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      You always need a valid picture ID.
      I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.


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        Xandtrick is right.... Well it depends on what way u r taking for traveling .... I traveled a lot by road in 2 yrs ..... I was never stopped to have checked my ID .... Well its up to you to take risk or be on safer side...


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          I meant by plane on a domestic flight, everyone says all they ask for is a license.


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            You only need one form of government issued picture ID to travel domestically in the US. Meaning, State to State travel.

            The only time you will need two forms of picture ID is when the President orders the airports to a higher status of alert due to a credible threat.

            My suggestion is to buy only round trip tickets...less hassle that way.


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              Whenever I traveled by plane ...they always checked my ID with picture i.e. license .... Looking at current situation after 9/11 and war... I wouldn't advise you to travel by plane if u don't have a proper ID with is up to you.... Have a great day...Pasha


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                Many border control check points have been established inside continental USA that ask about your passport and if you do not have it with you verify in the computer system if you are present legally in the USA. Currently those border control check points are located in the states adjacent to Canada or Mexico but if moved to the major cities or inside the country they would pose a threat to 10 millions illegal aliens. Avoid going to ski or to the beaches close to US borders with Canada or Mexico.


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                  Yep. That's why all illegal mexicans live in LA and San Diego is almost all white. No illegal wants to bump into a border patrol agent on his way to work. They all move FAR from the border.

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