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  • Hi guys, just want to let you know, i went for my interview last thursday.
    It went well, and i was verbally approved. the immi officer could not stamp my passport, becuase she informed me that they recently updated their policies and they have to do another background check, if all comes back negative then they will go on ahead and process my GC. my interview took about 10minutes. i did not have to do the civics exam because i have a post grad degree. the officer informed me that my degree would suffice for the exam. she just went through my 698 application form, had me initial through my app. as verification. She did not look at any of the documents i brought with me, ie. my evidence, 693 medical . she was a very nice lady. she requested i be patient, because they are changing the GC production machine and this has caused a delayin GC production. she said it would be maybe 3 month delay before my GC would come through mail. Last piece of advice she gave me was once i got my card, i should cut my EAD into little pieces so it doesnt fall into fraudulent hands.
    just glad this whole process is over. now i am just waiting for my GC card.


    • Congratulations!!!!

      Now, according to my lawyer, in order to qualify for citizenship, we need to wait 5 years as LPR.

      The 1986 amnesty law says the 5 years required to file for citizenship starts when our I-698 was received or after the 19 month eligibility date after becoming temporary resident whichever is latter.

      Your greencard will arrive with the wrong approval date (you'll see), but my lawyer said to save the I-698 I-797 receipt form (when it was received by USCIS) and when applying for citizenship to send a copy of the receipt and copy of the 245a law where it says how to process our case.

      So, for me I just have to wait 3 more years to file.



      • oh thats cool thanks for the tip.
        if they can use the 19th month eligibility date from my temp card. that will be great coz that will cut down my years to another 2years. my 698 process has taken 5mths from the date i sent in my application.
        can i apply for my parents paperwork as a GC resident or i have to wait for my citizenship to sponsor my folks?


        • One must be a US citizen before petitioning for parents. See link below.


          • <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by bintiyv:
            if they can use the 19th month eligibility date from my temp card. that will be great coz that will cut down my years to another 2years. my 698 process has taken 5mths from the date i sent in my application.

            I'm afraid you start accruing time towards your citizenship after the later of the two, in this case the date you filed to become LPR. It looks like you took some time to apply for your LPR status after you became Temporary Resident?

            245a.(m) :
            (m) Date of adjustment to permanent residence. The status of an alien whose
            application for permanent resident status is approved shall be adjusted to
            that of a lawful permanent resident as of the date of filing of the application
            for permanent residence or the eligibility date, whichever is later. For purposes of making application to petition for naturalization, the continuous residence requirements for naturalization shall begin as of the date the alien’s
            status is adjusted to that of a person lawfully admitted for permanent residence
            under this part.

            Page 11.



            • Sorry for the late post, but my parents received my green card in the mail in the last week of June. I'm currently on the island of Dominica in medical school at an American Medical School (ROSS Univ). I haven't seen my card yet, been here since May 5. I fly back to the states on August 19 after 1st Semester is over.

              Hope things are well with you guys! PS I think when I come back I'll go to canada for a few days just to check it out, I haven't been there before! Maybe Mexico after that. I was thinking of Venezuela cause its right off the coast of Dominica, but then again I guess I would have to get a visa for that country.



              • I personaly Would probably skip venezuela this year. mexico, south america Etc. Not like it once was.
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