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    You hatred is so pure that I wonder what ounce of humanity is left in you. For all practical purposes, you are a hate monger, facist and neoconservative idiot. If mexicans are so lazy, I wonder when you go to a grocery store and buy vegetables, did a white guy or black guy pick these? Oh.. when you get drunk over wine, who picked all these grapes in the valleys of California? Also, next time you visit a nice shiny building, I wonder who cleaned it when your skinny behind was in bed eat crow.

    Man, grow up and have some sense in your bones. You wouldn't want to be a useless piece of meat roamong this world without purpose. Leave immigrants to do what they have to do to suppport their families, because we all know you are on welfare which Mexicans pay for through their taxes. Why would IRS issue Tax ID's, if they didn't want money from ilegals? So, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, am i really this stupid? Oh... am I really a bigot? If no, then you would have made progress in your development.


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      I definitely respect other human beings God Bless their little hearts


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        has anyone heard from god about illegal immigration? Maybe jean hears voices at night (like DHS knocking on the door...what, do you think you can summon a deity by mumbling words?


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          Prof- you shouldnt pay atention to them because thats what they do....i just disregard the hatefull racist comments that are made by enought,sundevilusa,aliba and others..they feel like saying those hatefull stuff online is somehow making them bigger then they are.

          Let them act like kids online, they are just immoral.


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            So I guess jean has been selected by god to decide who is immoral or racist....I would like to see some credible evidence of that...I really think that jean and Prof are inbred hillbillies.
            Let's see you summon up your favorite deity like a genie in a bottle....if you can stay away from the sheep long enough.


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              May God fry illegal immigrants in Hell !!!


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                "Why would IRS issue Tax ID's, if they didn't want money from ilegals?"

                Of course the IRS wants money from illegals. Why should some be able to live here and take advantage of all the things that taxes buy without contributing?

                Some people have made statements that are really wayyyyyyyy out of line but Jean, how do you expect to receive any feedback that is respectful in nature after the comments that you have made? It doesn't matter how I feel about the issues involved there'll be no serious discussion with you and I'm sure a lot of people feel that way now.


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