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May God help them all

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  • May God help them all

    I would like to pray for all the ones that wants to deport 11 million people, those who would rather see us starve in mexico then put us throught a path that would test us on whether we could earn U.S citizenship.

    May God help the one that would rather see us suffer then be happy..may God help the one that would go out of their way to make sure we're never happy.

    May god help the immigrants that wants us out just because we didnt have enought money to do it the legal way....Is it our fault we didnt have the money that you had to go throught the legal channel?

    Is it our fault tha we dont have a immidiate family member that would be able to petition for us to legally migrate in the U.S? is it our fault that you was a bit more fortunate then us.

    May god help us all.

    May god help us, undocumented immigrans, if we were to be deported back to mexico with no hope for a decent future...Let me die in peace, let my people die in pride but we will never apologize for trying to get a beter life for our children...we will never apologize for trying to eat and feed our family..

    Evenhouht you treat us like felons and hard core criminals, the lord jesus knows that all we wanted is a better life for our family.

    May god bless you all evenhought you want to oppress us.

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    Ah shut up already troll! You yourself admitted that your family paid $20,000 to sneak you into this country. That could have gone toward immigrating into the U.S. legally or to keep you from "starving" in Mexico.


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      May God starve Mexican illegal immigrants !!!


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        First of all, $20,000 is not enought to migrate in the U.S and stay..It might be enought to visit the U.S but not enought to get permanent citizenship rights.

        And, i do not think there is a price tag for U.S citizenships unless you're a millionair, then yes, you would be able to to migrate easily by telling U.S official that you're planning to start a business here.

        For poor migrants like myself,too migrate in the U.S, you have to at least have an immidiate family member to petition for you, then wait up to 10 years...other way to migrate easily is if you are a superb athletes.

        At the ime i crossed the border, i didnt have any immidiate family member to petition for me..The only family member that could do this is my uncle, bu immigration laws does no permit uncles to petition for nephews.


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          Advise to Mexican and other illegals:

          "If someone is raping you, try to enjoy it".

          HEHEHEHEHE !!!


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            Gimme a break. $20,000 is a lot of money in Mexico. You could have done a lot with it; started a business, invested in your education, etc. in order to better yourself. Your problem is that your too lazy and not driven enough to pull yourself out of a bad situation. You want things the easy way thats why you think its OK to cut in front of those who are playing by the rules.


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              You dont get it..$20,000 does not guaranty you the right to migrate in the U.S...$20,000 might be a good amount of money in mexico, but not enough to live comfortably..You might be able to eat off $20,000 for a year, but like always, this money will run out, then what? back o poverty.


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                Mexican illegals are laziest breed I have ever seen in my life !!!

                No species on Planet Earth are lazier than Mexican illegal immigrants !!!

                I have read recently (in Biology magazine) that even Mexican spermatazoids are slowest and laziest of all spermatazoids in the World !!!


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                  No, you're the one who doesn't get it. I know people in Mexico who are successfull and have no desire to immigrate to the U.S. What makes them different from you?

                  It's the same here as it is in Mexico. I have a buddy who owns a chain of "cremerias" in Jalisco. He grew up dirt poor, but like he says all it take is "Ganas". So stop feeling sorry for yourself already.


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                    God knows that crossing the border , hoping to eat, will never be a sin.

                    Rejoicing seeing others get separated and break families is a sin...being happy just because im suffering is a sin..bein happy because i will starve is a sin....

                    My mother passed away a year after i crossed in..where will i go once im deported to mexico?..where will i get my next meal..i dont even speak spanish anymore so how will i communicate?..but yet, you would rather see me in mexico then put me throught a test that would challenge me and see whether i deserve to stay...I never killed anyone, or committed any kind of crimes..The only crime i committed is crossed a border because i was starving, so if you want to hang me for that, then let it be.

                    may god bless you eventhought you have a evil mind.


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                      Actually there are more opportunities in Mexico than in USA !

                      All 6-8 million Mexicans who chose to come here and work illegally are guilty of being lazy dirtbags !!!

                      I have a Mexican buddy who was eating garbage last year, but one day he said to himself: "This shall be no more like that!"

                      And guess what?
                      Immediately he got a beautiful construction job in Tijuana, saved $15.000 in less than a year and currently runs the construction business himself.
                      I spoke to him today and he said his company is planning to build skyscrappers in Mexico next year.

                      So no more dirty-cheap lies, please !!!!


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                        Who is starving in Mexico??? They have chickens running all over the place. Eat them. A 13 year old prostitute in Tijuana or Juarez can make a thousand dollars a week. Mexico is the land of opportunity.


                        • #13
                          Who is starving in Mexico???

                          NOBODY !!!!!

                          Just a bunch of lazy lying dirtbags making up stories here !!!


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                            I donated $10 to a nice young Mexican cutie for 15 minutes of her time which I wrote off on my taxes as a charitable donation; she probably can get 100 men a week to "donate" $10 each a week. She probably makes more than most Americans.


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                              may God help you respect other human being.


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