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  • #16
    Good luck, Aguila.

    You will be a great asset to our country.

    Shoot for the stars, go for the J.D. Do it for me, dude, I never got that far.
    Sweet Madame Belu


    • #17
      Hey Aguila; Did they even interview you yet or schedule for an interview ? I heard it could take 3 months from the time they schedule you for the interview. Even if denied, the appeals process could take years. It seems that you can even get remarried and apply based on that and they would have to open it up again. I am starting Hofstra Law School in 2 weeks so if you need a lawyer in 4 years, give me a call !


      • #18
        Thank you Aguila - you're a great help. We'll miss you when you get your I-751 through and you don't need us anymore!


        • #19
          No - Aguila is hooked... Just like me.

          His posts will simply change from I-751 and all the facts to N-400 and all those facts...

          Right? Besides - it never ends. At least it does not seem so...

          My I-751 was indeed approved. (But it never really will be). However, I am still up to my ears in it. you would think my INS involvement should be minimal for 10 yrs or so. Or at least so I thought... Now I realize I need to take my 14yr old to get his mug shot and fingerprints onto a new GC (his is 3 yrs old but he turned 14).

          Then it looks like my other son may end up here - so then what... Looks like I will be here on this site and at the INS for years to come yet... And unless something else happens - there will be no N-400 at the end of my 'rainbow'...

          It has been since what, the year 2000 or 2001 since I have been sitting on this forum... Sometimes I have something to say - sometimes not... But we always keep coming back.



          • #20
            I always be here some way or another, in the future will apply for n400, maybe bring a parent here, or a might marry a 'fraudster' ha ha ha...


            • #21
              It makes difference if the officer has an irrational attitude like yous.
              Your filthy mouth reflects the anger and bitterness that you have inside.


              • #22
                Hey Aguila

                What a fine testament that you are to your parents! They raised you very well and it shows. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge us as your friends and giving thanks for the continued support from the board. What a class act.

                You certainly have my continued support and hopefully soon this thread will turn into .. "Waiting for my N-400 approval."

                Vaya Con Dios my friend


                • #23
                  Plus, he's cute too!

                  Now I am moved to say all I know of Spanish:

                  Yo quero Taco Bell y domme jenero abunsa!

                  Did I spell "give me my money now" right?
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • #24
                    No, your spelling was completely wrong, ha ha ha. It would be: YO QUIERO TACO BELL Y DEME MI DINERO AHORA. that is Spanish!!


                    • #25
                      "It makes difference if the officer has an irrational attitude like yous. Your filthy mouth reflects the anger and bitterness that you have inside."

                      - I have no anger and bitterness inside; only love. I wish Aguila the best of luck if he is being honest. I was simply stating that knowledge of laws is not going to be important at the interview; although it is important to know them in preparing for what they expect. Of course, any honest person would have nothing to fear from American Justice.


                      • #26
                        I'm not here to debate with people like you, I'm here to learn about the immigration laws and to share my experience, just one thing I don't understand; Why somebody like you have all that hatred, bitterness and anger spends hours on this board everyday? Why don't you go to a therapist who might help you to get what you wish to have? "Love"

                        Man, you remind with the sea.


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