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ICE ramps up worksite enforcement

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    Jean2005: Given that there are 105 million Mexicans, it isn't possible to have enough visas for legal immigration to satisfy the demand. In any event, it is NOT America's responsibility to provide opportunity for Mexicans...that is Mexico's responsibility.

    Given the Mexican-flag-waving tantrums that Americans witnessed on their streets in recent weeks, I wonder why these very people never once thought of having such a demonstration in their own country? Why do illegal aliens demand things in America that that they don't have the nerve to demand in their own country? Why do illegal aliens in America demand things while displaying loyalty to the country that they couldn't wait to escape from? Why do illegal aliens in America not show the American people that they truly appreciate the opportunities given to them by the American people? Why do the American people get called all kinds of names on this board simply for advocating what is best for THEIR country?


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      The american people dont believe that raiding schools nationwide, will make this country safer...the american people doesnt believe that deporing 11 people overnight, will protect them from terrorist attacks...the american people are genorous and can recognise a bad person from a decent one...the americans understand that there are jobs that americans wont fill so why not let them do it..the americans arent bigots like you guys.


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        It's true that the American people aren't consist of liars, hypocrites and racist like yourself Jean. Thanks for pointing that out.


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          The American people are getting squeezed paying for the education and medical care of illegal aliens, Jean. The American people can't afford to keep picking up the tab for every poverty stricken illegal alien (and quite a few legal ones) who want to come here, and who can only offer cheap labor. The American people are tired of paying sky high prices for college or seeing their kids going into massive debt for it, with no certainty that the kid will have even an entry level job to pay it off. The American people are tired of seeing good-paying jobs in this country going overseas, and the lousy ones that are being created instead going to illegal aliens.


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            the aperican people dont like bigots racist people..this is why americans dont like tancredo and hayworth.


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              Well since you're a proven racist and hypocrites, then that's mean the American people doesn't like you either. Good thing you understand that.


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                Jean2005: Representative Hayworth (R-Arizona) is my Congressman. It is almost certain that he will be reelected in November, as his views on illegal immigration are supported by the majority of the people of the United States, of Arizona and of his Congressional District.

                I am offended that you slander Representatives Hayworth and Tancredo (R-Colorado), neither of whom, to the very best of my knowledge, express opinions that are either bigoted or racist. I am confident that both will vote against amnesty for illegal aliens, regardless of their country of origin.


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                  hayworth will be out of office in november and bush will be glad including the majority of the american public.


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                    Jean2005: I take it that Representative Hayworth can kiss your vote goodbye!!! Never mind!!!

                    Once he is reelected in November, he will represent the views of his constituents and vote against amnesty for illegal aliens.

                    Shortly thereafter, we'll be waving - but not kissing - you goodbye!!! Better brush up on your Spanish!!!


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                      Don't think for one minute that ICE is above deporting illegals who have U.S. born children. Here:


                      It's a tough situation, but she made bad choices on her own. I'm sure troll2005 will find a way to try to make it look like it's everyone's elses fault except the illegal mother's.


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                        Politics is as deceitful as it is pathetic.

                        Yes, we all know that since last year some members of Republican party had set out to scapegoat immigrants in 2006 elections - to divide voters and to win Congressional seats.
                        No surprise there.

                        It would only surprise me if there was someone foolish enough not to see through it.


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