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New Immigration bill in Senate........

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  • New Immigration bill in Senate........

    All immigration bills in senate are Dead. After the break they will come up with some kind of new bill or we have to wait until after November election.


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    All immigration bills in senate are Dead. After the break they will come up with some kind of new bill or we have to wait until after November election.



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      Specter and Hagel will both introduce bills. One will go to the Judiciary Committee and the other to the floor. Specter says he will begin to address the bill in the Judiciary on the 27th.


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        On the 27th? i thought specter said he will work on a bill during the 2 weeks recess and have a bill ready when they are back from recess on the 27th?


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          forget the issue of immigration until years down the road.

          Those illegals demonstrating all over the place have annoyed all Americans, no one wants to hear about this immigration stuff, except border enforcement aspects.

          If I were illegal, I would get into a bus tomorrow and return to Mexico.


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            Specter is in Columbia right now ****ing up to the rich elites there. Don't get your hope up for anything "comprehensive" on immigration this year coming from the Senate. However, if I were an illegal I'd definitely keep an eye on the House. They might try to sneak something into one of the major upcoming "must-pass" bills.


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              Theres a guy there called Sesebrenah who hates illegals like cockroaches. You think he will just sit and watch them sneak pro-illeglas stuff there?


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                That's what I meant. The anti-immigrant House might try to sneak in something. If I were an illegal I'd be worried.


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                  worried is an understatement..return to Mexico is the right thing you would do.


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                    Returning to mexico will never be an option for the 11 millions..something will definatly get done, if not this year, then after the november election, once democrats picks up seats....the good news is democrats, who really are the ones blocking any immigration reform because they know that it could be beneficial for them to wait this thin out and promiss the mexicans they could get a full amnesty for them if they wait unill next year, and taking over the house after the election, will be a huge victory for pro-immigration advocate.

                    Mexicans are willing to wait this thing out, and waiting till next year wont be an issue because most of them already have a job and they wont have a poblem going about their life...

                    another good news is that enforcement-only is dead..bills like HR4437 dont stand a chance of ever being enacted, thanks to the moderate wing of the republican party.


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                      Jean has provided clear proof that both you illegals and liberals have no morals or respect for the rule of law.


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                        GOP leaders want immigration bill without felony provision

                        WASHINGTON The two top Republicans in Congress said today they intend to pass immigration legislation that does not subject illegal aliens to prosecution as felons.

                        A written statement by Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee did not say whether they would seek legislation subjecting illegal immigrants to misdemeanor prosecution -- or possibly a civil penalty such as a fine.

                        An estimated eleven million men, women and children are in the United States illegally.

                        The Republican-controlled House passed legislation late last year that is generally limited to border security measures. It makes illegal immigrants subject to felony prosecution.

                        Senate efforts to write a broader bill -- covering border security, a guest worker program and a path to citizenship for many of the 11 million in the country illegally -- are gridlocked with lawmakers on a two-week vacation.

                        Frist has said he intends to bring the issue back to the Senate floor, although he stopped short of a flat commitment.

                        The prospects for passage of an election-year immigration bill are uncertain.


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                          Nobody owned America!

                          GOD OWNED EVERYTHING and HUMANS has the RIGHT to LEAVE!


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