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      The Domenici approach to a guest worker program appears to be a very solid start. I still need to go through the bill in its entirety but upon initial inspection of the instrument, it does seem to cover most areas related to the guest worker program including severe penalties for those who fail to depart after the expiration of their authorized stay.
      Very interesting, the bill allows the Government and applicants enough time to complete the steps required to obtain benefits. This is crucial to the viability of an statute that regulates alien employment.
      I did notice how it does not amend the grounds of inadmissibility but sticks to the implementation of a guest worker program. This bill is incompatible with the House bill and would be rendered completely mute by the latter. But if one is to reflect upon the sections of the House bill that prevent a guest worker program from ever being implemented, those are the very sections that contain provisions in clear violation of the due process clause of the Constitution, as discussed by the U.S. Supreme Court when dealing with retroactivity and criminal behavior; what an irony.
      Still, strong legislation; simple in its construction and enforceable. I think however that the guest worker program should be combined with several INA amendments as provided in the McCain bill and some border security measures* described by the House bill. The result would be sensible immigration reform with immediate positive results.

      * The House bill proposes the use of military resources to improve border security along with the construction of a fence alongside the U.S. - Mexican border. Those two are indeed very good, necessary measures.


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