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Paddy you so full of s-h-i-t!!

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    Why Paddy, me laddy , it sounds like you have a crush on her.
    Formerly Josephine Schmo


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      Jo the last I heard, she needed some tricks to make up that 50K she apparently earns a year on the street


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          and you think insulting etnics groups like you do is not racist? thats racist and even worst because you are saying all this behind a computer.... you never have the b-a-l-l-s to say that to any one who dosent have a little brain like yours.


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            What is all this racist **** on here??? *****ing about it is not going to change a thing. This country is going to be diverse until the end of time. People are just people....we all eat the same way, breath the same way and **** the same way, well all except for TRUTH who ****s out of his mouth!!! I think we should rename TRUTH to BOB----BIG OVERBEARING *******!!! LOL There's a difference between scratching your *** and ripping it all to pieces Truth.....first of all, you are never going to part the Red Sea, walk on water or be the reason blind men can once again see, but, I have an can pretend that you have performed a miracle and do a disappearing act forever!!!!!


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              Patti :

              Have you ever been really misunderstood? I mean, like impure motives slapped on you, and no way to disprove them? Circumstances that are too complex, with too many players, and it doesn't matter what you do or say, people look suspiciously at you?
              Then you go along to church, and some preacher goes on about Gods blessing if only we follow His word - you sit there seething in the middle of your misunderstanding .... and you wonder how realistic those words are.
              This is a story of Mephibosheth, a character in the Old Testament, (or Hebrew Bible if you are chic and Religiously Rebellious) whose life of ups and downs was driven by circumstance, chance, luck and misunderstandings. I think God placed the story there as one of many showing His empathy for our circumstances. At least those of us who have been through such experiences
              Here is the story in a nutshell if you can't recall. Mephibosheth is a tough name to type in all the time, so we will nickname him Mephy.
              1. Mephy is born to Jonathan in the dying days of his father Sauls kingdom.
              2. Sauls kingdom falls, and the nurse runs off in a panic with five year old Mephy, dropping him and crippling him for life.
              3. Poor young blighter - time and chance one
              4. Years later, King David inquires whether his friend Jonathan had any offspring and Mephy is re-discovered living in the boonies. Mephy is brought to David in fear and trembling.
              5. David restores all his families former properties to this last remaining son, and promotes him to a life of wealth in Jerusalem.
              6. Lucky blighter - time and chance two
              7. Years later King David is temporarily driven from Jerusalem by his errant son Absalom.
              8. Mephy is not found among those fleeing with David, but his servant Ziba is. Ziba tells David Mephy thought he would be pronounced King in Davids place, so he stayed in Jerusalem.
              9. David is somewhat put out, and promises Mephys lands to Ziba.
              10. After Absaloms rebellion, David returns and is met by Mephy, coming out of the city despite his crippled state, and not having washed since the day David left - (an ancient and hard to understand strategy to show how sorry you are)
              11. David quizzes him and Mephy says Ziba left him behind, and lied to David.
              12. David brushes away the issue and tells them they can have half the land each.
              13. Poor blighter? Cunning blighter? Lucky blighter? Lying sod? - time and chance three
              If you type 'Mephibosheth' into a search engine, you will read every type of interpretation imaginable about this character. But you will not find any references to time and chance happening to him. It seems the major lesson to me though. Simply put, Mephy goes through three phases;
              1. Unfortunate.
              2. Very fortunate
              3. Under the shadow of suspicion
              His tale is the story for most of us, at some stage in our lives, even if we won't hear it from the pulpits. Circumstances outside his control cripple him, send him to the back of beyond, restore him to favour, and then we are left wondering whether he was crooked, or simply wronged. The Bible doesn't even tell us the answer. It is left hanging.
              Like it is for us. You and me. Events strike us, good luck, bad luck, and imputed motives.
              Well, you say, that's not very encouraging. Give me a story with hope and blessing in it.
              We all want to be justified, to appear well in the eyes of others. Why is this so? I could give you a good answer, but I won't. I think mostly our drive for self respect is ego driven. And if you choose to follow Christ, then you will be knocked around.
              You will have bad motives imputed to you, and no chance to redress them, to give the truthful state of affairs. Your ego and reputation will take a belting.
              The real point is, how do you cope with such things happening to you, John and Jane Average?
              Uh oh, I nearly gave some advice away. It's even tempting to provide an opinion, an answer, or some guidance. Some deep insights into how one should cope with the vicissitudes, the slings and arrows of Shakespeares' outrageous fortune.
              Are you sure you've never hurt anyone? Have you considered the things you speak to others? Jesus warns in Matthew 5:21-22 that even being unjustly angry with someone puts you in danger of judgment. Also, how many people have you hurt because of thing


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                It is so sad to read so much hate!!! As a USC I should probably be more upset about illegal immigration than any immigrant (legal or not), but worrying about those types of things are completely unnecessary. People fail to realize the consequences that would result if all the illegal immigrants were to leave the US, since they do contribute a lot to the economy. I know someone will come back with something about how they're the reason healthcare is so expensive, etc., but you need to look at the big picture. As for all of the racism here, no, the races are not equal, and probably never will be. But if you insist on contributing negatively to the problem, do it wherever you came from! The last thing we need here is more hate!
                M Godinez


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