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  • I-751 Interview Tomorrow

    Hi- I'm new was looking to know what I can expect at our immigration interview tomorrow to remove the conditions from his PR. We are going to the Las Vegas local office. Any help would be appreciated. We have been married for 4 years.

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    Hi- I'm new was looking to know what I can expect at our immigration interview tomorrow to remove the conditions from his PR. We are going to the Las Vegas local office. Any help would be appreciated. We have been married for 4 years.


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      They will ask questions about your union, or they might just be convinced by seeing the evidence you bring with you. It should be easy, and if you are in a bona fide union it shouldn't be a big deal.

      Did you send a lot of evidence and you still got call for interview? or maybe they call you to an interview because you didn't send that much evidence?

      Please come back to the board after the interview and tell us how it went, GOOD LUCK!


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        Also, please tell us the evidences you sent to BCIS, with your I-751. Did you send many details?

        Most of us want to know whether being called for interview with I-751 means you did not send convincing evidence or whether its just by random selection of the I-751 applications sent in.



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          Actually we don't have that much information. We live together in a house that was bought and paid for us without our names on the deed, all if the insurance is covered under a trust agreement. We don't have children together ( I found out after we were married I can't have them).
          I included all of our health insurance and medical coverage and car insurance stuff, also stuff we bought together, and we have one joint bank account. Our first interview was like a joke, but I am worried that because we don't have that much evidence it could be a problem. Now they want all originals of copies we sent. That was almost 2 years ago when we sent the paperwork.

          I will let you guys know though, I am just worried after reading all these things on different websites. I love my huband and to me that is what really matters.


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            I have been told by two different people that the interview process was totally random. One worked for the Las Vegas office. And our lawyer, who I don't want to bring tomorrow because we didn't bring him the first time, said that it is where you land in the pile. It took forever to get teh interview letter, and we moved during that time, we filed the a-11(?) I dont know, that form for addres change and finally we got the interview letter Friday and our interview is tomorrow.

            My husband (the PR) says I am worring, but should I take more evidence to the interview?


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              Thank you very much for your responses. The process of selecting couples for interviews is not random, however, it seems that even between the couples that are not selected for interview they do pick some for interview for 'quality control'.

              Take as much evidence as you can with you, in immigration interviews you never know what they might ask, also if they see that you ready they make it easy.

              Did you include affidavits from friends or persons that knew about your marriage with your I-751, which one is your Service Center?


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                No- I didn't include affidavits with our paperwork, I did include all of our tax stuff and banking, and all sorts of instalment loans we had together. We have also purchased proeprty together since we filed the paperwork, so I am going to bring that information as well, I guess I just want to know if anyone else has gone through it.

                Like I said our first interview was a joke, I could have not been there because the interviewer wanted to know all about food and exchanged reviews of the local buffets with my husband (my husband is a chef at the Rio in Las Vegas). He just asked me why I wasn't that allowed by law? Should I tell the I can't get pregnant? Is it their business?

                Laguna Niguel is my process center and Las Vegas, NV is my local office.


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                  I think you are confused there is no such Laguna Niguel Service Center, is either Texas, Vermont, Nebraska, California, or Missouri (now National Benefits Center) Service Centers...anyway, good luck tomorrow and please come back to tell us how it went, and what they asked you.


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                    Dont worry about your interview. It's bonafide so no problem.

                    1/3 of 751 applicants are called for interview. Some are just plain random. Others are because they fall into categories that CIS looks at sometimes. 3 popular ones are: Previous marraiges on either side, age difference of 10 yrs or more, failure to include affidavits from relatives/friends.


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                      Hi ...

                      Everything will be ok.... Take as many documents u can... for examples visit this link...


                      Its none of their business to ask such question "why were u not pregnant? " just be confident and u will find ur way .... Wish u all the best...Pasha


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                        Good luck and just take all the proof you can think of...

                        I am sure you will be alright... I won't be if I get called in again but that is another story...

                        Relax and let us know how it goes...



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                          Thanks guys-

                          I also thought about it and my husband and I didn't include any affidavit because we had to file it within four days or he was not legally eligable to work in the we were racing around so much around that time. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow though, but it won't be till thursday though (my response).

                          P.S. Laguna Niguel is the CA Service Center where we mailed all of our documents.


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                            Good Luck for tommorrow

                            Seriously, Dont forget to take several affadavits from friends and relatives with you to the interview .


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                              Just a general question in regards to your previous post.....

                              I have already sent the affidavits with the I751 packet, why would I need to take those affidavits again ? besides I sent the original to them.



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