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Upon request, info for women "stuck" in an abusive relationship (repost)

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    Davdah,yes im a very happiest wife in the world.I think tested relationships works better then hurry marriages.What do you think? I waited for my husband(at that time was fiance) from Iraq while he was there for 16 month and after he came back we got married,im a foreigner and i think players (women,men) are everywhere in the world.So good luck to you.

    Son of Michael you want to go to Russia i thought you hate ALL FOREIGH AND AMERICAN WOMAN.Are you sure ur not a ...?Im from ex part of USSR and guess what i do have at home all my husbands and my documents,etc and guess what?i feel sorry for the people like you.So before to write some idiotic advices you better get a life for yourself.

    I would like to help to these girls.I will send you now private message.Let me know what do you think.


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      Originally posted by davdah:
      From one extreme to the other. The prenupt is a good idea for any marriage, takes money out of the love equation. The rest of it is kinda extreme. If its that bad then don't bother getting married at all.

      Son, your right. In most any break up the man is always accused of abuse. I say always because I've NEVER seen a case where he wasn't. Mental/verbal abuse is now the new buzz word since no proof is required. Way back in the day it was easy for a women to have her husband, fiancee, boyfriend arrested by simply saying ' he hit me'. The neadertal was carted off to jail without question.

      A while back the courts realized 'Hey, she might be lying' So, they adopted the idea of show me the marks. What is funny is a lot of women didn't realize it was a *** blind law. Plenty of women got cuffed for the same thing much to their surprise. I'm sure a lot of men have heard this one. "Your a man, whats a matter, you can't take it" Most women who read this will probably remember saying that very phrase or something like it.

      My 2nd wife did that. Oh how she was surprised when she called the police because I pushed her off me during one of her attacks. She thought that since I pushed her that somehow equated to me hitting her. When she described to the cops what happened they told her to stay there and asked to talk to me. I validated the story and they said they were coming over to cuff her. Her mouth dropped and she ran out the door. If anyone checks the FBI records they will see there is a much larger percentage of men who are physically abused by their wives than the other way around. Granted, the severity of the wounds are usually less but it goes to show that women are more prone to violance than they let on. I don't say this to mitigate true abuse. It does happen but because of all the exaggerated claims it has become watered down.

      I am curious about something. The support form (I-864) I think. Can that be modified? What would happen if the sponsor says h e l l no I won't sign that. Does that mean the immigration is terminated? If that is the case it could be said the sponsor is under duress to sign it to begin with. I am in a situation now where I may be going through this process and I don't think I want to sign that. Things look good now but whos to say in 3 or 5 years things won't go bad. I don't want to be on the hook for something like indefinate support.
      Divorce is a risk when one marries anyone, Davbah. However, prenupts also have a certain risk and are not the pancea you think it is. It tells your you wife "I love you but" which creates distrust in the marriage almost immideately. Trust in marriage is one of the four cornerstones to have a successful marriage. The other cornerstones are mutual respect, love of each other, and good or great communications between the spouses. If one or more fails, then the marriage is in trouble and will not stand until the damage is repaired. And in some states, the judge could remove the prenupt if the respondent spouse purposely hid assets during marriage from the other spouse. It is rare, but it could happen depending on what state you live in. Additionally, state law also makes part of pre-marriage property subject to the distribution if the marriage fails under the pre-nupt. So one needs to be careful when getting one. Do not go to the attorney that says "a prenupt will solve all your problems." Those generally are not worth the paper it is printed on.
      "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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        Sad. Such bitter men. Time to get on with your life!!! CELEBRATE!!


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