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Upon request, info for women "stuck" in an abusive relationship (repost)

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  • Upon request, info for women "stuck" in an abusive relationship (repost)

    This is for both of you ALL areas of the USA there are battered women shelters, and you don't have to be physically "battered" either. Sometimes emotional abuse is much worse...anyway, if you WANT help, help IS available. Here is what you should do:
    1) Act totally normal, do nothing out of the ordinary, but when he is away, develop a plan to leave.
    2)If you can, get all of your important documents together-hide them in a safe place.
    3)Try to put some money away, hide it...don't forget...ACT NORMAL, keep the peace.
    4)Get BARE necessities together, put them in the same place. I stress bare necessities here, you will not take every possession with you, forget it now. The important thing to keep in mind is what you will need to live, because that's what we are talking about here, your life.
    You will leave when he is gone (work, etc.).
    You will make arrangements with a local women's shelter (and don't let the name scare you) it's NOT a homeless shelter like you see on tv. These shelters are actually houses, and the locations are not given to anyone until you are admitted into the program.
    They will set you up with $$$, transportation, if you choose to stay locally, they will assist you in obtaining employment, social services or other emergency assistance. As part of the program, you will be given FREE legal advise, from an attorney and they will help you escape far far away.
    Make a call today
    Here are a couple of numbers that you can start with:
    Don't let fear hold you back, make the call, they will talk you through and give direction and help for where you live...
    -your online social worker
    send me a private message if you need anything else

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    Hey a guide to committing fraud !

    A normal person in an abuse situation would just leave and go back home.


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      What can the abused American men do in such situations? I guarantee that the ratio of abused/defrauded American men to abused foreign women is at least 10,000:1.

      Here are some ideas (also good for abused/defrauded American women):

      1. Always use a prenup; take the following into consideration: a) Protect your assets current and future value, home, retirement, bank accounts, etc... b) the affidavit of support should be be counteracted with a clause in there saying that the immigrant is liable to you for anything you have to spend on them c) an arbitration clause d) translated e) each party should have their own counsel

      2. Separate your bank accounts; what is yours is yours what is theirs is both of yours; do not ever let a foreigner have access to your money; spend theirs not yours; Never put any asset in their name (house, car, etc...) Keep everything separate; hide your financial information, tax records, pay stubs, account records, etc... I recommend an offsite storage facility

      3. Read their emails mail, etc... Get a translator to read what they are saying

      4. Document any abuse by calling police, etc... If they EVER call the police on you, get an annulment or divorce IMMEDIATELY and counter complain against them

      5. Never "announce" your intention to divorce; just give them the summons, preferably while they are away overseas

      6. They WILL accuse you of abuse (look at the above post), therefore REALLY abusing them will not harm you so do not let the threat of being called an abuser stop you; you will be accused anyway so you might as well do it. Do not leave any marks or proof.

      7. Try to seize their assets, spend their money, put financial obligations in their name

      8. Do not let them have access to records: taxes, property or even pictures of you together; do not give them any evidence of a bonafide marriage; use the storage facility

      9. Always seek annulment based on fraud over a simple divorce

      10. Never trust them


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        Davdah why to marry a woman if your not sure? And where is the LOVE? If your so afraid of signing these papers why not to find american woman and be with her? Why to marry with foreign woman? If from the beggining it will start with not trusting to each other then your relationship wont work at all.
        God created marriage but evil people makes it ugly.


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          He's just another bitter scorn man! Ha,ha...


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            Davdah, I was actually referring to legitimate cases of abuse, unfortunately that DO exist. I agree, everyone cries abuse at the end of a relationship, men and women alike, although on this forum, I've seen more men. In reality, statistically women are physically hit, struck, grabbed, punched, kicked 9 times more frequently than are their counterparts, unfortunately by their counterparts. (National Violence Among Women, SAAM, 2006). This repost was intended for the two ladies that requested help, based on their being locked up in a house and held by fear. No one should live that way. But don't let the untrue stories that you and I have both heard about sway you or convince you that real abuse does not exist.


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              Well stated NEEDHELPFAST. And MOST appreciated.


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                Not to beat a dead horse to death, but here are the statistics from the FBI, thank you, I was actually a bit too conservative in my figures...
                It is actually 10 times more likely to occur, not 9 as I previously cited. The FBI stats are more generous than the SAAM statistics that I gave earlier. Either way you look at it (and thank you FBI), women are assaulted at a 10 to 1 ratio to their male counterparts, that's if you want to believe the Federal Bureau of Investigations Center for crime. Let's do something to stop it ok?

                "Annually, compared to males, females experienced over 10 times as many incidents of violence by an intimate. On average each year, women experienced 572,032 violent victimizations at the hands of an intimate, compared to 48,983 incidents committed against men." (p. 6)


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                  Yaaayyy, Daddah agreed with me!!!!


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                    I need a typing improvement class!! Sorry, Davdah


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                      Hi Davdah you can not get out of the AOS; if you don't do it you can not sponsor your fiancé; it is a contract of cohesion and therefore void in most states if you are ever sued on it by the Federal government. I would imagine any lawsuit by a woman would be thrown out in just about any state but we do have those two wacky cases. Your best protection are the steps I recommended; prenup, hide documents, spy, abuse and quick annulment based on fraud. Most times you will want the divorce once the woman hits 30. No normal man can tolerate a woman over 30; its not natural.

                      The FBI stats are skewed towards women; no surprise there. Men tend to be chivalrous and the 99 % of the claims by women are false, as we saw in the start of the post. They will "coach" each other how to fake abuse as in the post here. Can you imagine the outrage if men "coached" each other how to abuse a woman? Well since they do it, I say we do it. I recommend slapping across the face as it does not leave marks and general humiliation. If she has a young daughter I would definitely suggest you molest her.

                      Ironically, the abusers get the best treatment from women and the nice guys that get falsely accused of abuse. Usually women will leave Mr. Nice Guy to cheat with Mr. Abuser. Look at the women here; they go from "abuser" to "abuser". When 99 % of the guys in the U.S. are nice, you have to wonder why these women seek out the 1 % that are abusers.

                      Another option is to live overseas. Many of my friends are doing this to escape American women and their laws preventing us from meeting real women.


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                        American women are not how you describe, Sonof. You are living in the wrong part of our country!!!!! Those of us who are 'southerners' are the cream of the crop. Please don't generalize about American women, because there are those of us out there who are not like the ones you discuss on this board.


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                          Originally posted by SonofMichael:
                          Well since they do it, I say we do it. I recommend slapping across the face as it does not leave marks and general humiliation. If she has a young daughter I would definitely suggest you molest her.


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                            My friend, I spent 2 months in Russia and believe you me, Russia is a freer country than the United States ever was. My plan is to move there in a few years and kiss these feminazis goodbye.


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                              Originally posted by SonofMichael:
                              My friend, I spent 2 months in Russia and believe you me, Russia is a freer country than the United States ever was. My plan is to move there in a few years and kiss these feminazis goodbye.
                              "believe you me"
                              Sounds like vernacular of areas of Oklahoma.


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