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    hi, i am new to this question is that i have lost my expired conditional green card,but i have filed I751 and i have received a notice of action from nebraska center saying that my green card is extended for 1 year.i took the notice to the local ins office to get my passport stamped.she stamped my passport with a stamp that is valid for 6 question is can i travel to india with the stamp in my passport and the extension letter from the ins?will i have any problem while re entering USA?thanks

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    You should be good with the stamp and the NOA, did you report your gc as lost of stolen?


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      hi,i did report to the ins office about the lost that time they put I551satmp in the passport which was valid till my conditional green card and the officer also put a note under the stamp that i had lost the card and will be filing I751 soon.after filing I751 i got the extension notice from ins and i took it to ins again to get passport stamped.the officer this time stamped my passport but she scratched the top line of the stamp that says it is now my stamp just says that i am a lawful permanent resident till another year and she wrote below the stamp that my I751 is my question is can i travel to india with this stamp and notice and if i come back within the validity of stamp will i have any problem while re entering USA since i don,t have my expired card.thanks and god bless.


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        You will not have any problems, maybe they make you wait a little bit to check your status on their computer systems but everything will be okey.


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          hi Aquila,thanks for the prompt reply.i have one more question,why did the ins officer scratch the top line of the I551 stamp that says it is I551stamp?it is this scratching the top line of the stamp that is worrying me.i called the ins customer service center regarding the scratching of the I551 line ,they said thats because my conditional card was expired and i had lost it.also if the immigration people have any doubts on the bombay airport when i will be coming back, can they feed my A number in the computer and find out about my status and then let me enter.thanks and god bless.


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