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Deportation to El salvador

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    I don't know what it was called, it was before I met him. He didn't want to go back before; now we both do.

    He doesn't have an option for bail or I would, they said he has a final deportation order and he will be sent soon and that's it....

    I guess that means no bail?


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      The reason there is no bail, is because if he were to be released on bail, and you were to marry him while he’s out on bail. He would then be in legal status, when he married you. You see, being on out on bail makes him legal temporarily.


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        @ Aneri

        I always thought a Final order of deportation barred a person from getting any immigration benefits,regardless of if the person was on bail or not !


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          Release on bond does not give you legal status nor does marrying a USC. A final order can only be overturned by appeal, either to the BIA or to a federal district court.


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            For the order to be over-turned, etc is a process that would take time.

            We are trying to save our family here. We just want this to go fast. He just wants to goto El Salvador anyway, so we just gotta wait, after speaking with various sources, it looks like he should be gone by the 14th of this month.

            Which makes sense. He's approaching the 90day in custody after the final order mark; and people rarely get to that mark.


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              Then, as I said before, you have to wait for the travel document from ES. And there is NO way to determine when that will be provided by the ESEMB/CON. Just wait.


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                I am just waiting. I am pretty sure he'll be gone by the 13th/14th. I'll keep you all posted in case anyone else comes around asking this in the future.


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                  This is over. Finally. Thank you, your advice helped more than you know.

                  Consulate called my fiancee yesterday, said that I called him about his case, etc and anyway... I called thanks to your advice and your advice helped.

                  Fiancee's going home The 27th, he'll be home by 3PM. He's going on a regular commerical flight leaving directly from Newark.

                  Thank you so much.

                  Deport to El Salvador (Start to Finish): 2 Months, 3 weeks. No passport supplied, no criminal charges, forced removal order, signed all papers voulentarily.


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