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Urgent. Info needed for Adjust of Status

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  • Urgent. Info needed for Adjust of Status

    Dear readers,I'm an Irish citizen who's recently married my USC wife.I'm in the process of filling the affadavit of support out and have a few question before our infopass meeting.

    1.What exactly is the sponsor liable for?Is it just state/federal benefits or is at any cost incurred e.g. If i'm sued for damage of car accident etc are my sponsors liable?

    2.How long will it take for me to be able to work here after the 1485 is filled?

    Kind Regards

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    The sponsorship contract is between the United States government and the sponsor. Not John doe and the sponsor. The sponsor is the guarantee that if alien receive govt assisted cash benefits/etc that the benefits will be repaid. However, this is not always enforced against the sponsor, but it is perfectly legal right of Fed/State to be reimbursed according to the contract signed. Your sponsor is on the "hook" until you become a citizen. then you are on your own and they are off the hook.

    If you have a auto acccident/lawsuit...This is something else. You purchase private insurance to cover this type of liability.

    How long it will take to get work permit, depends are where and what service center region you will be applying for adjustment of status.
    check the timelines at the left on the screen

    Best wishes and congrats on your marriage.


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      Mr. Potato Head;
      Why are you so concerned about this? What is your deal?


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        Tsk Tsk Michael

        Oh boy-----Paddy is not going to like this one ..

        Get ready.


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          Want to thank you for your words of wisdom as well as your kind words of congratulations.

          As for Micheal,
          Mr potatohead?Gd one,real mature.Must feel real safe behind your computer screen.


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            what if one is going thru consular processing, and the petitioner is in country of beneficiary.HOw would one then be able to file Affidavit of support can it be filed neway in the country of Beneficiary........


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              Yes Taf, the Affidavit of support has to be submitted to the embassy before visa is approved. The petitioner has to have a domicile in the US in order to petition for an immigrant visa for a family member.


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                I noe that it has to be submitted bfore approval of visa, but is it necessary for the petitioner to be in US?If so why is that....can petitioner notarize in the country where beneficiary is current resident..........Plz clarify....
                The 2nd thing i like to noe can we ask to snd
                immigration paper thru certified mail by 'pay on delivery'. Plz help.....thx


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                  Taf: US citizen doesn't have to be in the US, but has to have a domicile in the US. Affidavit of support can be notarized in the country other than US, most US embassies provide that service.

                  I don't understand your 2nd question. Send the papers to whom?


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                    thx aneri urs was long awaited reply.....the case i refer to belongs not to USC but to one of ma LPR freind who's sponsored his wife.How can he proove he has US domicile he is there in the resident country of beneficiary on a re-entry permit.which has substantial time to expire so what do u suggest?
                    the other thing his wife belongs to one of the third world countries and so causing long time wait for them to recieve mailings from NVC as NVC mailing r addressed to the beneficiary. Can they request NVC to snd NVC mailing thru courier services. Thx


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                      Why is he oustide the US? For employment reasons?
                      The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                        i Think for family consideration till his wife gets visa...........


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                          As long as you don't say anything bad about, you should be OK !!!


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