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American's beheaded in Iraq, claimed for revenge for "humiliation in prison"

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    you can view the video at

    that's okay. We ARE getting rid of those horrible horrible weapons of mass destruction and protecting Saudi Arabia! Woo Hoo! What a bargain for a few thousand american lives!

    -= nav =-


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      Here is reply you won't hear from many people:

      At this point America must act decisevly, quickly and full-heartedly.

      The foremost goal of Humanity is to End the War.
      The only way to end it in Iraq is to understand the mentality of Iraqis and act accordingly.

      What does it mean, to "act accordingly"?

      To find out, first read about Military Campaign of Napoleon in Egypt in 1798 (Cairo, Aboukir, El-Rahmaniyeh,Alexandria: July-October 1798).
      You will learn much about Arabs and how to bring them to total obedience.

      Second, if you have no time to read, here is the short sum up, useful for XXI century:

      1.Give some Carrots to those who accept the new order, provide some genuine help: establish just Courts, give some jobs/wages to desperate and needy, help with medicine and education.

      2.Spare NOT heavy Sticks for those who disobey new Government and rebel treacherously.
      Show how inevitable and merciless the punishment for Evil deeds will be.

      3.Do everything in most energetic manner.

      Follow these simple instructions, and entire Iraq will tremble and fall upon its' knees in a matter of few months.

      P.S. The only thing worse than miscalculated step is half step.


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        I do think we need to distinguish the things that happened at Abu Ghraib. Making someone stand naked on a box is humiliation, which perhaps you can argue is not really abuse but s o d o m i z i n g (don't know if that will get edited) someone is most definitely abuse, and it is, in fact, rape. That is over the line and absolutely, completely unacceptable (not even to mention the unexplained prisoner deaths that are under investigation).

        And yes, there are radical Arabs who rejoiced at 9/11 and at the mutilated bodies. There were radical Americans who rejoiced at the lynchings of black people not so very long ago, and radical Americans who rejoiced at the bombing in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people including many children (in fact it was radical Americans who were responsible for the deaths of those children, by the way, and the lynchings too). The vast majority of people, both Arab/Iraqi and American do not feel that way. That's why some people are called "radical." But you know, radical makes news. Keep in mind that we rarely hear the voices of the moderates on TV or in the papers.


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          Titus, I am saving your posts - for their artistic content.

          Joe Schmoe, you write: "Get used to it and quit whining when one of ours gets it." Do you see the irony in the fact that the unlucky man was detained against his will by the U.S. in Iraq?!!! Irony aside, I find the decapitation disturbing, and I find your attitude deeply disturbing.


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            Joe Schmoe: Once again you have proven to be the CLASS A B*I*T*C*H that you are. I am ashamed for my country that there are people like you who are my countrymen. Please tell us all when you will be leaving for Pakistan. It will be a great day in this country when you depart us.
            If I were Islamic, I would be so ashamed of this gruesome beheading of Nick Berg. Death to Islam! Death to Islam! Death to Islam!


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              Decapitate, shoot, stab, strangle, electrocute, what the h e l l 's the difference?

              Because it was FILMED, everyone is paying attention to ONE man's death.

              Plus, you can't rule out propaganda.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Hey Schmoe: You just don't get it.


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                  Here is a great letter that I found on Newsmax:
                  This is for Joe Schmoe & all the other hypocrites out there:

                  2. A Soldier's Father Speaks Out

                  A gentleman from Virginia, proud parent of a decorated Army officer serving in Iraq, writes to us, "I am so fed up with the anti-American propaganda coming from some Americans that I wrote the open letter below. I will appreciate it very much if you include it": [text of letter follows]

                  An open letter to some political partisans, especially certain politicians and people in the media: I have a son who is an American soldier in Iraq.

                  I care very much about what affects him and his comrades in arms.

                  I am not fooled, when you partisans spew propaganda that helps our enemies and harms our soldiers, then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you focus on, highlight, and exaggerate the negative things that happen in Iraq, while ignoring our positive accomplishments, then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you focus attention on American soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq, to use these brave patriots as an anti-Iraq-war political football, then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you keep criticizing why and how we invaded Iraq - that is done; our troops are there - then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you engage in constant, carping criticism of what the U.S. has done and is doing in Iraq, then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you search for and trumpet to the world anything that will diminish respect for our soldiers and their leaders - even when it endangers greatly their lives, then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you tell our soldiers and the rest of us that they are stuck in a "quagmire" and will suffer a Vietnam-type defeat, then tell us you support our troops.

                  I am not fooled, when you spout propaganda that undermines the morale of our soldiers and the American public and boosts the morale of our enemies, then tell us you support our troops.

                  You are giving aid and comfort to our nation's deadly enemies! They know they cannot defeat us militarily in Iraq. However, you cause them to think they can win here politically by breaking our will, if they kill and wound enough of our soldiers.

                  You despicable partisans! You are stimulating our enemies to attack our soldiers and the people working with them. The blood of many Americans and Iraqis is already on your hands. And your hands collect more blood every day!

                  You are determined to regain the political power you have lost, and you believe your presidential candidate and congressional candidates will win, if the U.S. fails in Iraq.

                  If your anti-American propaganda contributes to the deaths of many Americans and Iraqis, that is a price you are willing to make them pay. You are pathetic and dangerous!

                  I am not fooled, when you contemptible politicians and other political partisans, including many in the media, tell us you support our troops. I know that is a lie!

                  I am not fooled, when you claim spreading your pernicious, divisive, anti-American venom makes you patriotic. I know it does not - and I know you are not!


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                    I would stop complaining and I swear on my life that I will stop complaining when: The US uses its full arsenal and everything its power to ruthlessly kill each and every Moslem as they would against us wheneverthey ever get a chance and no one complains. I will stop complaining when illegal aliens are deported on cargo ships and no one complains. When you savages stop complaining about ME and MY COOUNTRY, then I will stop !


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                      KJV62803 , Marmaduk, Cedar Scented.. Ignore Josephine Schmoe's commments..She is a whiner and all talk..She may report you all if you use BAD WORDS at her because she is so soft and fragile. Handle her with care. I dont know where on earth she ever heard American soldiers raping muslim women. That is a very d-u-m-b thing to say and really doesnt even COMPARE to an american being beheaded. So once again folks ignore her. She speaks a foreign language and I would not get into speculating that...but it probably explains her not seeing the difference of a HUMAN BEING beheaded and Muslim women being raped (which is B.S -never happened).


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                        STFU, you cur dog.
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          Schmoe: wah, wah, wah, wah, wah


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                            Bunch of bleeding hearts crying over one American.

                            What about the innocent Iraqi's murdered and tortured by U.S. soldiers?

                            If I were still in the U.S. Army, I would desert before I'd go to Iraq.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Then desert planet earth and go study in Mars.


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                                Why the h e l l would I want to study? I already know everything about everything. You need to stop smoking crack.
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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