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American's beheaded in Iraq, claimed for revenge for "humiliation in prison"

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    It is real easy, Michael to only see the 2 main events in the US-Japan war, the attack on Pearl harbor and the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What to fail to mention is what lead to the attacks is the economic embargo the US imposed on Japan by primarily cutting off oilsupplies.

    In this modern era this is as good as a declaration of war.

    So please, if you give examples provide all the details and not just what is convenient to you.

    I think Porcelain summed the whole reasoning perfectly up, not even the US is above the law.
    I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.


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      Who's law ? Islamic law ? The choice is American law or Islamic law. I choose America.


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        No, the choice is International law (Geneva Convention) or terrorist law.
        I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.


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          Michael, you don't even make sense. I can respectfully disagree with someone if they are making arguments in good faith, but you're just spewing nonsense.
          In all seriousness, I think you should get a therapist. I genuinely feel sorry for you. You clearly have no friends, no love in your life. Please get help.


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            And actually, I'm pretty sure torturing and massacres are against all of the above (except terrorist law).


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              I can agree with what some fo the people o the board have said, but then again we also must look at the actions of the US this way. I am not saying that what happened in the prison was right or wrong, who honestly knows how those people came to be like that. But take a look at what was behind the pictures...

              Only in the US would someone let those pictures go to the media. Only in the US would a soldier call to attention what was happening in a military prison. Only in the US would the President go onto another countries television station and tell the world that these actions are not the actions of Americans, but a select few.

              Yes, you can say that America should hold itself to a higher standard. It should, and it does. You can talk about what the US has done, the damage it has cause etc etc...I am well aware of it, however we are the only country that after we have so called "destroyed" a nation go back in and rebuild it. Our people are also the ones that cry out the most over human rights and seek out ways to protect those less fortunate. Do you see advertisements in Europe to money to hungry kids in America? No.

              Unfortunately, in a time of war everyone wants to point the finger at someone else. The actions of the US soldiers cannot be condoned, however, only in the US would you see so much backlash. If we were under any other type of government you would never see this kind of thing. Do you actually think Stalin took news crews to the concentration camps in Russia to show in the 5 o'clock news? How about Sadam? No

              The website that showed this brutal decapitation this was obviously meant to further terrorism, but the newscast here, the news allows the people at home to see what happened and speak their mind. I love the US and I would never go elsewhere. I may not agree with the war of George Bush, but I am glad that I am in a country that allows me to disagree with authority.


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                Well said, ardainia - I definitely agree. It shouldn't be forgotten that the fact that this is even up for debate shows that the US is a great country. An American soldier with integrity brought the pictures to the attention of the world because he knew it was wrong. And I really believe that most American soldiers do have integrity and recognize this as wrong. While the US certainly has many flaws and plenty to answer for, I do thank God that I was born here.


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                  there would be corrupt soldiers just like there are corrupt politicians, police, preists, lawyers, and the list goes on and on. thankfully they are a very small minority. god bless that poor man and his family.


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                    Quoting Michael:

                    "They criticize America for using nuclear bombs on Japan but conveniently forget that Japan attacked us first"

                    All is NOT fair in love and war.

                    Japan attacked a MILITARY BASE. We counter-attacked by nuking two islands full of INNOCENT PEOPLE.

                    Perhaps 9-11 was our comeuppance for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                    The U.S. has no business being in Iraq in the first place. This senseless war is nothing but George W's vendetta against Saddam for trying to kill his daddy, AND his greed for OIL.

                    It's OK if U.S. soldiers rape Muslim women, but it's NOT OK for a Muslim to behead a U.S. civilian. I see no difference. Tit for tat, we get what we deserve.
                    Sweet Madame Belu


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                      Originally posted by josephine schmo:

                      It's OK if U.S. soldiers rape Muslim women, but it's NOT OK for a Muslim to behead a U.S. civilian. I see no difference. Tit for tat, we get what we deserve.
                      Joe Schome, where the **** does it stated that its OK for US Soldiers to rape Muslim women???

                      I think ardainia already summed it up what I wanted to say as well as porcelain comment about patriotism. Make no doubt that what happen in the Iraqi's prison is wrong and the offending party has to be held accountable. Its just sometime many people are so quick to attack the US, while they're many times worse themselves. These blatant hypocrites is what I despise the most.


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                        Zabzub posted the link in the thread, which you responded to and shrugged off as "bad apples!"
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          Joe Schmoe:
                          Stop spewing garbage.. So where does I stated that the rape was condone? If you read my reply at Zabzub's post, I clearly stated that those will need to be persecuted by law. Where do you see americans rejoicing on the fact that Iraqi women are raped?

                          Compare that to the Iraqis, where Sadr even offered reward for capture of female coalition soldier for use as "personal slave", or the mutilation charred american bodies which answered by rejoice of hundreds if not thousands of arabs/iraqis, or the sawing off an american's head from his body while his pleading for mercy.


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                            All is fair in love and war, an eye for an eye, quid pro quo, tit for tat. War is like a ping pong game, back and forth.

                            Get used to it and quit whining when one of ours gets it.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              SO you can rebuke me and now changing the subject are you? All talk and no act.

                              Who's whining? All I want to show is the hypocrites like the radical arabs/iraqis who got so enraged with the so called abuse in the prison, yet rejoicing while they mutilated chared american bodies as well as sawing off an american head from its body. If any it should display the double standard that American are constantly subjugated too.


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                                We have no business in Iraq, period.

                                That would be like me going to Pakistan. Doh!
                                Sweet Madame Belu


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