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Bronzelady, 4now, Pasha - Advice, words of wisdom needed re: my I-751

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    I have never had any problems with the actual staff at Newark. Only the process... However, they have streamlined it quite a bit by creating one large room where you get your 'ticket' and wait for your number to be called. Everyone is one place and the room is very large. They even have rows of comfortable chairs that are actually installed. A far cry from the old days when you had to go from room to room just to talk to someone... And they used to have these old row seats that were not nailed down so you could hardly walk anywhere... It is all nice and modern with an electronic 'next ticket' board now...

    I have also learned from experience that the difference between showing up at 4:00 and 6:30 really is not that terribly much (an hour or two inside perhaps). Although the line start at around 4:00 it really starts to grow at about 6:45 or 7:00... So I now just go at 6:30 with no real significant issues... Allows a few extra hours of sleep...

    Tell you what - I'll buy you a drink to celebrate your waiver WHEN it is approved (not if... !!). Perhaps others will join us in NYC to celebrate at that time - who knows...



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      I am glad they have improved the waiting areas at the Newark office. I personally hate going to Newark specially that early in the morning since I consider this city to be a very dangerous one. The only thing I like about Newark is the amount of brazilian women there he he and few Portuguese, and Spanish restaurants that are just awesome!

      I look forward to my approval and to celebrating in NYC for now... I'll keep running to my mailbox everyday like some sort of little kid waiting for his favorite magazine. The best time of the day is when I approach the mailbox, but instantly becomes the worst when I found nothing from USCIS and rather only bills!

      I must go back home this year, by December, and I do not feel comfortable traveling oversees on my current situation even though I should not have any problems..., so I will keep waiting until the first two weeks of October, if I don't hear by then, I will put an inquiry.


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