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  • urgent need help!!!

    Hello everybody my name is jennifer, I met a guy in mid 2004 he is really handsome and intillgent. When we first met he was honest with me and told me that he came to US on an H1B visa a job visa and after this expired he has over stayed in 2003 but came to US legally in 2000 on job visa and he also paid 2 years of taxes, and he also has bank accounts and valid social security card.

    When we met we fell in love and even though i am divorced and i have a baby he still loves me and my baby. he is so down to earth and i feel that i want to live rest of my life with him. we have shared about our life and came to know alot about eachother, we saw that we really love eachother so early 2005 we decided to get married.

    But both of our family oppose to our wedding and we tried to convince them alot up until this year then finally we decied to get married without them and I relocated to California. Due to my relocation, I have given my parents power of attorney to take care of my baby in my absence because i did not want to leave my baby with strange baby sitters while i am at work here in california.

    After comming to Californi we got married this year in sacramonto county and at this time both our parents dont know yet. However, Our marriage is not a secret as all our friends know just our parents and sibblings dont know as of yet but we plan to tell them once everything is settled down for us. we just did not want to tell now because we love eachother and dont want to loose eachother, as mention above.

    Now I found good job in south california and his job is in north california we are confused on to where to file our papers, in Sacremento county or in Los Angeles county becuase we want everything to work out fast for us. For now i commute to sacremento every week on friday and return on sunday due to my job here in south california. As far as our jobs are concern he cant relocate to south because he cant work anywhere else without his work permit and my job i cant leave and relocate to north because i have my expenses so i need my job. after he has his work permit we will live together in south california, as he will find any job here and i already have my job here in southern california. this problem is just for the current situation due to our jobs locations, as i have mention everything will be normal for us once he has his work permit and he will be able to work anywhere.

    We are confused to give our address in north or south or give seperate address, becauase per our situation do you think that it will be okay to provide with seperate living address as long as we can prove that we lived at both of this address together, but just not everyday as we are together every weekend and this is only due to our job locations we are unable to live together everyday. This is why we decided to provide our mailing address as p.o. box that we already have in sacremento. and when he has his work permit after we will be living together because then he can work any where insted of being stuck at that one job in north california as he is now.

    Once everything is settle down with our situation, we plan to tell our parents everything and also have my baby live with us and start our family as well.
    In our longterm goals we eventually want to share together a normal happy loving life. So we are going through this strugle now becuase we love eachother alot and want to live together happy loving life forever.

    what papers would we need to filed, how we have to file, how much time we should expect for work permit or all together. when they call for interview what evidence we would need to show we are together, and what questions can we expect to be asked at the time of interview.

    Please advise us on how to go about with our situation. Thank you

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    great...our gene pool eroded further when the village idiot marries a visa cheat....


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      What do you mean by a "visa cheat"??? When you cant advise please dont post your responses.

      We really love eachother and just looking for some advise on our situation from those who know something on immigration.

      please respond and advise thank you


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        simple....he lied to our embassy and border officials about his so-called "tourist' visit - and no one can have a valid SSN for employment with just a tourist visa, ergo, your bf is a scumbag visa cheat. It's so sad that your desperation has clouded your judgment. This **** only wants a green card, nothing else.


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          Look I strongly suggest not to listen to this ****er because he is rude and doesnt know anything. What you will need to do is call one of the offices and explain your situation and ask where is the correct office to file you application, also when he got married with you he took the responsiblity of being a father to your son, so please get your child back, and have him/her with you.


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            per your coment "someone12" Let me clear something for you and others, to avoid all the further confusion,

            He came on an H1B visa a job visa this is not a tourist visa so that is why he has his valid SSN for employment and was able to work in US, but since he has over stayed after this visa expired, so now he is unable to work any where else.

            He did not lied to anyone, He has just over stayed and after we met he decided to live rest of his life with me. He loves me and my baby and i also love him and we both want to live our life together forever happily.

            so someone, Please advise on our situation, we need good advise and a little guidence on how to go about with our situation. Thank you


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              Having utility bills under both name in either address will also help your case. Affidavit from mutual friends will help as well.


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                Prime example of why "guest" worker program will not be guest.


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                  Thank you for your advice "iperson" I really appericate your advice as you are only one person of whom i got a positive reply. I have a question for you what is AOS package and how do i get this and also what is EAD. thank you for your time and advise.

                  There are many mean people on this forum so simply ignore them.
                  You should file the AOS package as soon as possible and your husband is going to receive his EAD within 30-90 days of filing. So that is not a long time compared to the whole process timeline.
                  You should file from the place where you think you'll live permanently, that is from what you say in South California.
                  Your interview will quite possibly be about a year later because of the large number of applications so you don't have to worry that you don't live together every day right now. By the time you will be interviewed, your husband will have his job in south California and you will have plenty of time to prepare documentation to prove the validity of your marriage.
                  The questions at the interview vary depending on circumstances. You can find interview experiences online on a forum such as this or there is one on
                  If your marriage is bona fide, and from what you are saying it looks like it, then you have nothing to worry about at the interview. Just be honest about everything. If they catch you on one single lie, you're in trouble, so be as honest about everything as you can.

                  Good luck!


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                    You said he didn't lie to anyone. So his employer employed him knowing very well he's an illegal?


                    • #11
                      yes and he is working and getting paid under the table. The reason employer hired him is because he pay him less and make him work more because my husband is educated and intillegent. Also my husband is so honest that he always asked his employer to pay him with check and also give W2 so he can apply for taxes but the employer refused to do this because he does not want to get in trouble. So my husband is stuck as he has no choice but to work here as he cannot work any where else. but only one thing good with this employer is that he also get good pay to have a decent living, it just under the table.


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                        Follow the below link. for clarification on what petitions to file and what to do.


                        you will need I-130/I485, I693 medical, 325A biological stats, I-765 for employment I-864 sponsership for the alien spouse

                        Your boyfriend has been thru this process, so I dont understand why you seem so lost as what has to be done.

                        All the forms you need are in online pdf and printable.

                        Good luck in your marriage. I hope everything will work out. Its too late now, as you are already married, but keep your mind open, as you speak so much about his "honesty". He needs a marriage to forgive his overstay. He didnt go home as he was supposed to. He broke the rules and wanted to stay.. so he did. for three years until he met you. Be careful.


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                          Mr Dirtbag has always had a choice...obey our laws or find the village idiot to's good news....the airports are open and flights are leaving for wherever it is he came from....and right now he is violating our laws.....gosh, that must make him one of those "good people" (like the ones in prison)...there is nothing stopping him from returning home except his own lack of responsibility....


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                            I appreicate all your kind advices everyone, if anyone has anything more to say please go ahead, and guide on anything you feel is necessary in our situation . Thank you for your time.


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