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No more temp I-551 stamps

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  • No more temp I-551 stamps

    This appeared on BE tonight:

    I just returned from a local district liaison workgroup. The District has just learned and told us today that as of October 26, 2004, the CIS will no longer issue temporary I-551 stamps. This is a national directive due to the ease with which the stamps can be forged.
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    If this is true.. then they better provide something for people with I-797 who need to traval ASAP!!!!
    Those CIS people are funny, they always come up with some kind of stupId measures without taking interim provisions!


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      It affects a lot of people:

      People who have successfully adjusted status.

      People who are waiting to remove conditions and have filed an I-751 but their NOA has expired.

      People entering for the first time on a CR1/IR1 through DCF.

      Anyone who has been approved for LPR status but is waiting for the physical card to arrive.

      Apparently, it's an issue of national security since the stamps are too easily replicated.


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        Is this a joke or you are really serious.


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          I don't joke with this sort of thing.

          See the original post at:


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            Is this the stamp you get on your passport when you go for the adj. of status interview?
            If they don't give the stamp then the person cannot travel until they get actual card, which in Atlanta it's about a year.
            Do I understand this correctly?
            Are you absolutely sure?


            • #7
              Yes AJ.

              That is the implication. No more temp I-551 stamps following adjustment of status. In other words, no proof of status until card arrives in the mail.

              You can read the follow-up messages by the immigration attorney on the link I provided above. This is real man.


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                Hey Sphy, If my I-751 NOA has expired, what documents would I show as proof at the Canadian border if I want to travel? At this point, all I would have is an expired NOA and an expired this enough proof for travelling?


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                  No one really knows how it's going to work yet. You could go get a stamp before the 26th so you have it. Presumably, officers at the POE will have access to your file electronically to verify that you are in status.

                  The other issue is that POEs are now under jurisdiction of Customs & Border Protection. The attorney in question was told that USCIS was changing their policy. So, no one knows what CBP is going to do.

                  And the plot thickens...


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                    Well I guess everyone will be on the safe side if they just carry on as though none of these changes have taken effect or even been spoken of.
                    As the plot thickens, the confusion begins.......LOL


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                      Do they really make things easier ? I don't think so....anyways, thanks spyrapicus for the news ... I have no idea what will happen.... All I assume is they will come up with something that people can travel no matter temporary stamp wont be valid anymore coz of national security .... Well I read whole original thread....scan able immigrant visa / stamp sounds good to me ....hope they come up with something...coz I m planning to visit my home country in couple of months...selfish on me .... Well not actually for me but in general they should come up with something if they want to imply this and to be published worldwide...they should have some plans to overcome with people that want to go out of USA...that's all I got to say,,,,Pasha


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                        The latest information coming out is suggesting that USCIS may stop allowing anyone to use a temp-I-551 stamp (even if previously issued). Supposedly, more information will be forthcoming on Thursday.


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                          Where do you get all these information?

                          May be the lawyer should come on this web and clarify us on this matter.


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                            So, practically what would happen if someone goes to an interview and their AOS is approved? will the be told to go home and hear from the USCIS? I hope, I dont want to sound like I am misleading here... but what would someone walk out with after their successful green-card interview is over?... shouldnt there be at least some papers works to proof that he/she is a permanent resident?

                            This is like a "fog", with 0 visibility ... we need strong and reliable sources to confirm this. Apprently, this whole story started from a discussion an immigration attorney attended.

                            I hope this is not a propaganda to discourage immigrant concerns on green-cards. Obviously I am not suggesting that.


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                              Here's the latest official word from AILA:

                              From AILA and under AILA's copyright"

                              On Friday, October 15, 2004, AILA received information suggesting changes to the USCIS practice of placing ADIT (I-551) stamps in passports on approval of permanent resident status. AILA liaison continues with its immediately assumed efforts to ascertain the accuracy of that information and to oppose any changes in the current practice. Please note the following:

                              1) Michael Hrinyak, Acting Executive Director, Immigration Policy and Programs, CBP, confirmed unequivocally that CBP will continue to honor ADIT (I-551) stamps for reentry purposes. CBP does not contemplate a change in this existing policy.

                              2) On-going meetings are occurring at USCIS regarding the issuance of the ADIT (I-551) stamps.
                              Certified Specialist
                              Immigration & Nationality Law
                              Calif. Bar Board of Legal Specialization


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