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No more temp I-551 stamps

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    So in otherwords, until the issue is finalised, and made public... no changes will take place, right?

    It wouldnt make any sense that, changes taking place during a review of an issue. That's why they phrase it as "suggesting changes".

    Thanks sphyrapicus3!


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      Hi Sphy

      It seems like you know a lot and always keep everyone posted with new updates.Thank you so much.
      I do have a question for you though,
      Ok i have my greencard through marriage and actually i have been married now for more than 4 yrs but my temporary GC expired this year in april and recently i got approval for removal and am now waiting for green card. What i wanted to know is when can i apply for naturalization becos i dont want to go through the hassel of going to ins again and as you said of the new law of not stamping GC in passports anymore plus who knows when will i receive my actual GC, can take more than a year or may be sent to wrong address and for all thses reasons i want to apply for Naturalization. Can i apply know or do i have to wait till next year april?
      Also how long does it take to get Citizen. Is it like 6 mnths or 4mnths.
      Your help will very much be appreciated.


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        Hi doreen,

        Thanks for the nice words.

        You can apply for citizenship 3 years (minus 90 days) from the time you were granted your conditional permanent resident status (assuming you meet all of the other requirements - living in the district for 3 months, still married, meet the residency requirements, etc).

        I can't believe that you applied earlier this year to remove conditions and you've already been approved. What was your service center?

        Naturalization time varies by location. You can check the processing times for your local office on the USCIS web site.

        Good luck.


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          Thiis d- thing really happend, to me, today. S-

          I had my interview at garden city, ny. the officer basically said my case is approvable, but they stopped issuing 1-551 stamp any more. she said the production center is trying to mail out the card right away, so we all should get the card within DAYS. (I seriously doubt it though). the weird thing is on my passport, she wrote 1-485 pending. that confuses the hell out of me, as she said everything looks good and background checks are cleared. then she said the card is the only thing that proves that i am approved. she will prove the case by end of day (later she said this week), and have it mailed out.

          i think they are confused by the new thing too.

          she also said federal plaza may still issue the stamp for now.


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            Thats really really odd... please keep us posted when you get your actual green-card.

            Did the interviewer give you an Alien #?



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              Mo sent something related to BCIS "expediting" GC mailing time by cutting it down to around 2 weeks if I remember.

              Maybe we are really observing an improvement...
              meanwhile, ARQ still hasn't received his permanent Gc.


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                yes, i got the A-number.

                it was really odd, she was so certain that we will receive the card within DAYS, that was her exact word. I told her i need to travel in december, and ask her whether i need to apply for an advance parole. she said i do want to tell you yes or no, but most likely you will receive your card before then.

                i don't know what to feel coming out the interveiw.


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                  If you were approved for LPR status then you could not apply for advance parole anyway. I have no idea why the examiner would even ponder such a notion.

                  Mo, mag would have already received an A# before even going to the AOS interview.

                  Thank you for sharing mag. Good luck with getting the card in a week. I hope it is true. Mine took 3 months (and I just received it about 2 weeks ago).


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                    Ok, so one would get A# when they apply for AOS?

                    For Educational Loan purposes (Financial Aid), can you use the A# from you AOS filing to qualify for a loan, or you have to wait until after the interview?



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                      does it mean that I have no other options but to wait for the card before I travel.


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                        Hi Sphy

                        my service center is San Francisco Ca.
                        After i went and got my stamp in Sept we moved and i did send the change of address form and called the customer service but i still so dont that i will get the card.
                        But if we dont get the Green card then what do we have to do again?


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                          This is strange. Have they started doing it everywhere?
                          And what happens to those who already have there stamp but have not yet received the card? Is that also going to be in days?


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                            So what happens to those who pass the interview and have expired EADs? How can you prove to employer that you are authorized to work? Do you still have to apply fot a new EAD?


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                              You should get an A# on your NOA saying they have received your AOS package. I have no idea about financial aid - the A# does not provide you with any status - it is just a way of tracking you. You will have to look up the nature of financial aid and how you qualify.


                              I believe that you have no other option at the moment but to wait for the card to arrive. Many folks that have adjusted status lately have been receiving their cards in a matter of weeks. Technically, your status is entered into the computer so any USCIS officer will be able to determine your status. The problem will arise if you need to prove your status for employment or travel reasons. For example, you can have the restrictions on your social security card lifted if you show them proof of LPR status. As for air travel, it will be difficult to prove status to an airline employee without having the stamp or card.



                              Did you send the change of address information to the San Francisco office in addition to filing the AR-11 with Kentucky? You need to do both. Also, do you have a USPS forward on your old address. My green card was forwarded to my address because USCIS sent it to my old address. How long has it been since you were approved?


                              Fresh Taco,

                              You cannot apply for an EAD if you have been approved for LPR status.


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                                OK, so if they no longer stamp your passport, you don't have a valid EAD and you still have not received the green card in the mail, how are you supposed to prove you can legally work?


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